The M1


I know I am not the only person who likes BMW M1s (I’m talking the original ones not the new concept) because I know for a fact a lot of you like the Countach and thanks to Lamborghini’s hand in the design these cars share very similar profiles.

In street trim these cars look a little castrated and out of place but that’s only because where they were really meant to be was out on the track getting pushed to their limit.

I think a good looking street compromise would be race inspired aero kit, drop, and a set of wide BBS wheels.

Somebody with (really) deep pockets get this done, preferably someone in Canada so maybe I could get a chance to see it in person.

What do you think the chances of another mid engine BMW are?
Maybe a big set of Ronal Turbo like wheels would work on the street too
The flares on these cars are full of win
Imagine this look on the street? Would break necks.

I know the small production numbers will keep what I said above from happening but a dude can dream.


  1. im probably the only one here thats ever driven an m1? thay drive very modern felling unlike the lambo that shows its age (altho its stunning) and handle impecably as a car and not a peacse of art id have an m1 if i had to choose. but dave it would be a travisty to mod one as there arnt that meny left and moding with a classics means moding with respect which is somthing hot roders seam too have lost sight of

    • Ollie yes you are probably the only one. As for modding one I know that realistically it’s a bad idea but it would look pretty good if someone did it right. Maybe if you could run center locks on the road…

  2. the posche gt2rs runs center locks on the road and i know of a fue “tunner cars” so undoutably yes you can as for wether modint it would be a good idea its a breat idea its a great idea but its like monertery suiside lol for the same price (ore more) as a faster more modern super car you by a classic super car and then spend even more moding it while loseing money on what its worth (in the short term at least) and in the end it might not even be as fast as the car you could have bout for the same price as your base car and its worth less than it was stock this is the risk of tunning high end classic super cars and the reason that only huge companys ofer it as a option for order

  3. Lol this entire hobby is borderline monetary suicide! Sure there are better options for the money but few cooler options 😉

    Btw Ollie I plan to reply to your latest email over the next day or so 🙂

  4. yes but our projects dont normaly cost 250000usd just for the base car
    i thought you might need a cople of days lol 😛

  5. I love the M1, there is no better supercar powered by a straight six. They were essentially parts bin cars with styling by Lambo.

    Ollie, I’m jealous by the way. And a solid M1 will run you about $150,000 USD. They’re cheap to maintain because they used so many parts from 3,5,6, and 7 series. The only problem is finding replacement body panels and some engine work.

  6. dislexic as charged i pressed 2 insted of 1 lol sorry
    now joe i never thout id live to see the day but your wrong labo was going to make the chassi but couldnt because thay had financial problems so Marchesi firm out of modena was brought in
    the styling was done by gioretti giugiaro (il admit i had to look up the dudes name) of ital design
    and i cant think of meny other super cars that have been powerd by a streight 6 other that the ason db engines (db4 zigato gt posabley my favorate car of all time) and the jag steight 6 of corse (dtype theres another) can you think of eny others?

  7. Hmm well the other Jag is the C type. As far as I know, the M1 is the only mid engined straight 6 supercar. I know TVR has used straight six’s in their speed six and Wiesmann uses BMW straight six’s in their cars. There was also the Jag XKSS, the roadgoing version of the D type that used a straight six.

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