Theme Tuesdays: P Cars


I am kind of in between pulling together a few more unique (read: completely random) Theme Tuesdays right now and some of the more par for the course ones I have which are in the later stages of completion are missing that last final ‘it’ car before I’m really to call them a wrap.

So today I’ve decided to post up some of my Porsche photo  collection.

There is a decent variety of model and vintage in this post but one thing that ties them all together (other than the iconic Porsche badge) is that they all look fantastic.

Kick things of with a classic Carrera
This cars got curves for days
Clean black slant nose
Lucky driver
This brings to mind a similar photo of a 964 spitting flame on a dyno
This is the one I mentioned above, my desktop for a long time
I have no idea what race series this is but the photo is wicked
This could either be the end of or the beginning of a great day
So what it's raining? Get on the gas
Hail to the classics
Maison Derrière
From the looks of it this car's got function and form
Nice bum where you from - Anyone used that line successfully?
A ton of 1969 Porsche 917s
Techart GT Street RS in a wind tunnel, wind tunnels are awesome

Next week I am either doing: Morris Minors, Evo X’s (again) or Honda Accords want one more than another? Let me know.


  1. ^ Stanced Omni’s? I don’t know much about Porche’s, but I’m really digging that green one with the caption “Hail to the clasics.”

  2. that green one is a singer disine thay do on oringe one that looks a shed load better i like the rsr light weight at the bigining too it give me noughty thoughts,the “I have no idea what race series this is” is at THE RING i think the corner is carosel

  3. Nice. I’m excited for a turbo Chrysler feature too! Omni, Shadow, CARAVAN (make sure you get some good stuff for that one), PT Cruiser (gonna be tough), and finish with a stanced SRT-4. Do it.

  4. To be perfectly honest, I love my hard working Volvo, but my automotive dream is to have my own RWB 930 built by Nakai-san himself.

  5. wow joe i would never have though its also in my dream 10 car garage along with a 356a hard top w no bumper in red(painted athina white first then then that red that i can never remember the name of that has no brown in it) running a super charged rotory and costom transaxle

  6. Joe, reading about Nakai-sans builds is always awesome, the only reason i didn’t include any today is because they have been all over the net in January.

    Might do an all RWB post though.

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