Guest Coverage: El Paso Solo Championship


My mindset is still somewhat performance driving oriented this morning after spending the day out on the track yesterday for the first time (more on that later this week) so I figured I would roll with it and post some photos from March 6th – 1st Solo Championship in El Paso Texas submitted by reader Aaron R. Jackson.

What he sent through is just a small sampling of the cars that came out but nonetheless it shows that the auto cross community in Texas is not only thriving but also encompasses a variety of different cars.

I think an auto-x event is certainly next on my list of to dos this year, cash pending of course.

Aaron's 2009 Civic SI
Clint Gessler & Korey Gessler's S2000, Husband wife team
David Pike's 2010 Black Mini Cooper S
Bob Wilkinson's 2005 Blue Mazda Miata, really nice looking for a later model
Bill Walker's 1974 Silver/Blue Porsche 911, so sick.
Brian Burghart's 2006 Honda S2000
Philip Becker - 2006 Black Chevy Corvette Z06, I hear these do exactly what you want them do when driving
Greg Nemcek's black Miata
William Jacobs drive this FD on Hoosiers
Duncan Del Toro's 06 Evo
Group shot of some of the field
Another group shot
Kart ripping around the track, is that a helmet mohawk?
Wow, good to see one of these older Civic's still kicking

Thanks a lot Aaron for sending in the pictures.

If anyone else has some cool event photos they would like posted feel free to send me an email at [email protected]


  1. i think that guys over in america are geting more and more into stuff with corners are there eny proper rally champs in the usa and or canada?
    wow dave i cant wait to see how your new found track monstery afects the evolution of the 3!

  2. @Joe I asked Aaron we will see if he pops by

    @Ollie Not sure about the rally scene here to be honest. I know one happens not too far from me in the winter.

    My 3 will probably stay the same but I will keep a track worthy set of wheels around… next car might be built a little different, whatever it may be.

  3. From what I was told we have the bigest course this side of the Mississippi. The last race I race (march 20th) I reset my oddometer and the track that time was almost a mile, 0.7mi.

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