I used to be pretty into car audio installations a few years ago (pre-theft) and even though I don’t have an installation now I still find myself browsing car audio sites from time to time. On one of those trips to I found this Lexus.

This Lexus is the type of car I could see a ‘business professional’ rolling around in, you know the type of person who still wants their car to look good but can’t spend forever figuring out how to enter and exit a parking lot because they are off to their next high priced meeting and time is money.

Or something like that, anyway I dig.

Imagine your Real Estate agent or lawyer picked you up in this not a Camry?
Got the Junction Produce curtains
and head rest pillows
Dashboard table for the passengers
Trunk all covered up
Trunk opened up to show the JL hardware
20x9.5 upfront 20x11.5 rear
Perfect backdrop for this car
Rollin, rollin, rollin...

Full feature (and more pics) here on

I like not wearing a suit to work…


  1. thanks to you and aidan(MR VIP) im begining to like and respect VIP for its quality and style even tho it goes against moast of my taste as far as moding goes but this ride…… the shelfs tacky as hell and is it me or does that center speeker cover make to look like hes got a porta potty in his boot? go on scroll up and take another look :Dlol
    and i still dont under stand the heads rest bolsters (in non maching lether) and the curtains in the front?

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