Event Coverage: Niagara Truck & Tuner Expo Pt 1


Nine-O-Five Rides is one of the larger car clubs in the area and has made a name for itself as being a group you can count on to come out and support your event, when you give support you get support and that’s exactly what happened this past Sunday when they decided to have their first show called the Niagara Truck & Tuner Expo.

As a spectator it looked like the event went on without a hitch, it didn’t rain and the turnout was great, and I’m glad to have been able to help out with sponsorship.

I know for the organizers it was probably a whirlwind of a day but I am sure now that the dust has settled they have had a chance to appreciate what they were able to do.

I’ve been neglecting Minitrucks around here lately (unintentional) so I figured I would give them part 1 honors because the day I saw my first dropped Blazer was the day I got hooked on lowered vehicles.

Trucks that were not s-10s

S-10s generally make up a large portion of any truck category but a few non s-10s were at TNT 2011

I was pulling for this truck to win the limbo contest, sadly the fairly straight up roof line didn't help
Geoff's B2200 laid right out on the floor, thanks for the support also!
Gettin' some leaaan on

First Gen s10’s

Whenever I see these I get slight pains of regret for giving up so ‘easy’ with my Blazer. But I eventually remind myself (with help) that it was rusty and cursed.

This truck is extremely period correct to when it was built and I respect that a lot
I'm sure this truck and it's modifications brings back memories for some readers
Pancaked first gen
Extensive work has gone into every area of this truck
Jeff's Tiki truck with D&K airbrushing
The pinstripe/idol face deal is so sweet, this truck has come a long way and continues to keep changing

Second Gen S10

Now that the avalanche is out I like these even more, go figure.

Tuckin 15's like a boss.
I saw an older lady reading this sticker, not sure if she got it or not...
It's starting to become a little harder for me to say I like first generation s10s over second
I had a little (a lot) of truck envy on Sunday let me tell you...
Quite honestly one of the coolest bumper treatments I have ever seen
More than a couple vehicles came in from across the border
This truck was almost exactly sky blue
I am a little more partial to fleet sides but steps get love too
This truck lays out hard and tucks big ass wheels
I don't think much more wheel could fit under this truck
James brought his full setup to the show
And for the first time I got to see him take it down of the stands

Tomorrow I will have part 2 of the coverage which will be all of the cars and a few shots of the vehicle limbo contest which was pretty entertaining.


  1. damn , wish i had known about this show , could have brought out some import trucks!! lol , not enough shows on this side of the border , great to see !!!

  2. Awesome pics! just curious if there are anymore of my truck that can be emailed to me. (primered S10 on 22’s)

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