Guest Blog: Theme Tuesdays: At The Car Wash


Car washes are fun when you’re young, but frankly, if you’re out of the training diapers it’s about as boring as it gets when it comes to cars. Unless of course, there are women in wet, skimpy clothes bending over to polish your dirty body.

And what makes it even more special and makes us feel a lot less guilty for wanting to partake, is when companies do these car washes for charity! (Plus our significant other can’t get as mad).

You’ve got to give it up for these women, giving back to society on so many levels. Who cares if they’re getting more soap on themselves than the car? They are fearless and courageous, and while other women might talk badly about them, they are the most confident business women around, having fun while making a living, and looking damn good while doing it.

Photos courtesy of Stefane Paye, William Lee, Peter Tsang Chung, Joits, Jer Digital, David Bay, SpeedHunters,and other various sources.

Written by Jeff Butler. Jeff has lots of blogs, two of which are Motor Models where vehicles and women come together, and Motoriginal the best automotive blog one could imagine (besides Stance is Everything of course).


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