Event Coverage: Niagara Truck & Tuner Expo Pt 2


Before I get into part two of the TNT Expo coverage I would once again like to thank and congratulate Nine-O-Five rides for putting on a great event. If there is one thing I remember most about putting on events (BMX) its that people don’t always say thanks or even show any sort of appreciation for the work you put in so again thanks guys see you next year!

Today’s coverage is 99% cars because I posted all of the trucks yesterday and it also includes a few of the vehicles that were in the limbo contest.

Random stuff

As I was walking around I came to the realization that when I started this blog I used to take a lot more pictures of random whatever at shows and of late I have kind of fallen off of that.

I am going to make more of an effort to going back and capturing some of the oddities (and while I am at it I should start taking model photos again).

Not sure you could mount all of these emergency items to your a pillar
Single I assume
Pretty sure this guy was the only one in his class
This wild 'Busa won best motorcycle

Car Limbo

This was the first car limbo I had seen in person (surprisingly) and it was pretty neat though the different a pillar angle of all of the cars kind of make the concept slightly flawed. However watching this all go down made me think of some different ways to measure lowered static and bagged vehicles for next year that I am going to run by the organizers.

I mean really as long as you get some scantily clad women to do the measuring no one is really going to mind right? Right.

A crowd gathered quickly for the limo which started minutes after I arrive, coincidence?
Like I said yesterday the roof line on Rangers didn't do it any favors in the limbo even though it was low
I think this was around 39" can't quite remember.
Carlos is actually the guy making the stanceiseverything.com t-shirts
The next two e36's were pretty low but the limbo didn't reflect this so that's when I thought of a ground clearance contest
This e36 was slammered


As this show expands I can only see the domestic turnout getting larger, hopefully next year some low lows come through.

Normally not the type of vehicle I really post up here
But it had a pretty wild I.C.E. setup including very expensive rear firing Focal components
Last time I saw this stang it was closed up so I never saw all the pink airbrushing and accents
Erik finally brought his Probe out to a show this year and not his beater 😛
I'm sure it's always been there but this is the first time I noticed his trunk/hatch setup
He is on 9.5" wheels all around now, thanks for the love man!
I might be mistaken but I think this car was female owned? I know a Sunfire took an award and a female accepted so...
This car manages to lay out with little to no camber, that's fairly unique
Remote mount twin turbo Camaro that sounds god like, power specs top right


A lot of the euro cars were at the June Jitterbug which was taking place just around the corner.

I had intentions of going and checking that out but by the time I was done taking pictures and shooting the breeze with everyone that show was coming to a close and the trophy ceremony was starting.

I really liked both of these e36s, if the stance class was top 3 one of these would have been in it
I've got a real A3 thing going on lately, between this one, the EuroProjektz one and the other Red one kicking around the net I feel the need to have one
Last time I saw this car I didn't realize these were Equips as well just a different model
Spencer from So Fresh Automotive swung by after leaving Jitterbug

Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan

Someone needs to put a Sega Genesis in a Genesis then challenge Xzbit to a game of NBA Jam...
This shot shows Andrew's new front end better than the one I took at CSCS, doesn't do the paint justice though
Fairly done over FD that I don't think I have seen before as I would have remembered it
Sam rollin' out


Daniels Matrix, one of the lowest ones around now since Matt has parted his silver one out
Tomas put a lot of work into this car over the past few months to get it ready for show season
I wonder if people ever ask him what that whine is when he is sitting at a light...
Zack recently put his Soarer on a ksport cup kit
Tuckin' pretty good now


Travis and I were discussing the joys of flush setups and cars full of people
Clean and functional in so many ways, from what I hear the owner has another one too...
Been meaning to check out this car in person for awhile now, just as clean as I've been told
This car later passed me on the highway, I think he drove all the way from Quebec for the show
Trunk full to the brim with Kicker Audio


NSX’s out of no where at this show.

The car with the I <3 sluts sticker
Msequence was on hand to DJ, new wheels for his car soon, again...
Brad had also swapped out his wheels
Clean trunk and air management setup
Last time I saw this NSX was over a year about at Summer Sizzle 2
The NSX interior really doesn't look all that dated considering when it was designed
This color looks amazing under the sun, first NSX I have seen this color actually
Even though I liked the color of the one above this was my favorite of the trio

This is where my coverage ends but before I close this out I’d like to say what’s up to all of the readers I met on Sunday, thanks for the kind words and encouragement.


  1. Awesome coverage as usual Big D! Expect to see that Camaro more! That was his first show and now he’s addicted 🙂

  2. Wicked coverage thanks for the love and nice shots of my car! I’m glad I finally got to meet you with Spencer! See you soon!

  3. ya I drove down from Montreal for this show and will keep doing it every time they put on a show one of the best Ive been to in a long time good flow good people good event! way to go Nine-0-Five!

  4. Hey, yes the sunfire does belong to a girl. She’s awesome. Also happens to have a huge show coming up in the long weekend of August in simcoe. She is also leading two great car clubs here in Ontario. That’s all. Nice coverege. Big fan. See you in simcoe in August. 🙂

  5. I saw that blue and orange Impreza on the highway between Montreal and Toronto, can’t really miss it.

    And nobody ever asks me what the whine is… 🙁 or maybe 🙂

  6. John that’s commitment! I heard you will be at Importfest also? I will take a few more snaps there.

    Thanks for the love guys, Aaron do you have anymore info on those shows?

    Phil don’t you have a build to share 😉

  7. My parts are in the mail, Dave. 🙂

    I saw that Impreza again yesterday, it was being flat-towed behind a pickup, Toronto-bound presumably.

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