WTF Friday: Swangin’


Going to let this one go a little early this week given the circumstances (Cuba internet is unreliable): Swing up doors are a bit of a touchy subject nowadays.

They were quite popular for awhile but of late have dropped off to the point where most people rocking them currently just can’t be bothered to swap them back.

Personally I judge swing up doors on a case by case basis. For a daily they are probably not the best choice but they do suit some of the more extravagant show builds that are around.

Sadly for every one car that looks good with vertical doors there are about 10 that do not. The owners of these two trucks below decided to take a bit of a different approach to swing up doors and I will let you be the judge of whether it looks good or bad.

This is quite honestly the first time I have ever seen this much door swing up
This looks a little crazy with just the C pillars staying stationary
I would be lying if I said I didn't worry about this trucks structural integrity

Getting into and out of the second truck seems like more than a one person job, but what do I know….

Site Updates

Yep, still in Cuba I will be back sometime Sunday night, and I’ll answer emails/catch up on orders Monday morning.

Flashback Fridays

Been thinking lately of doing a traditional Hot Rod Theme Tuesday, similar to this one on Ford High Boys but open to all makes instead of Ford.

Rear fitment is fairly fat and flush actually...

I don’t know though since the first one got zero comments though. Waddya say now?


  1. lambo doors are played , in fact, saying that “lambo doors are played” has also become “played”. *Woah**

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