Theme Thursdays: Ex Soviet/Russian rides


Once again I have Ollie to thank for submitting the content for this weeks Theme Tuesday. Normally I would add a few cars from my own collection to whatever he sends but this week I am on vacation so it’s 100% Ollie’s pics.

I’ve posted a few Russian and Soviet cars before but I have not really looked into them too hard so this is a good switch up of the norm.

Start things off with a Trabant with some Patina
Mesh wheels work on everything...
Exceptionally clean Lada
and another
Polish based Trabant
Ollie digs the eyelids on this car and I have to agree they are very fitting
Nice laid, plaid interior nice touch
Lada with a little from here and a little from there
The last Wartburg I posted had a Subaru motor swapped in it
This cars got just a little bit of motor sport flare to it
Of the cars Ollie sent this Trabant estate was my absolute favorite
It's small like a mini, but a wagon like... well a wagon
Ironically he sent this car first, and I put it last

Sorry for the delay on this one. The internet room here flooded. Go figure…


  1. soviet cars are all awful when you compare them to car’s from europe japan and america but in the quality and work these guys put in to there rides using what thay have ,thay put alot of “better” cars to utter shame

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