Sweden gets down


It’s still a little shocking how popular this Canadian based blog with predominately North American content is on a global scale.

I’m not complaining of course because this global appeal is how awesome cars like this dub which belongs to Richard “Mingan” Håveland of Sweden show up in my inbox.

A reader of a few months Richard got in touch recently about running some photos of his car from a shoot with Jalle Graphics.

His car is a 1.6 SR that has been brought down with TA Technix coils, footwear is 17 x 8.5″ and 17×10 OZ Futura wheels with Kumho 195/40 and 215/40 tires.

Body mods have been kept pretty simple as he is an OEM+ kind of guy, and additions include an oem hood bra, Golf GTI rear tails, and a 25th anniversary front valence.

Richards future plans include spinning the coils down a bit more, getting yet another new skid plate, 25th anniversary side skirts, an ecu tune, and a new color for the face of those OZs.

Thanks for sending your ride in ‘Minigan’!

Photo credit: Hjalmar on behalf of Jalle Graphics


  1. burn your bra’s! lol
    im aware that sweden has a realy hard core perfomance sean thanks in part to get away stockholm but i havent seen meny stanced rides thanks for shareing dude

  2. If you’re on Facebook, you should post these pics to the Hot Wheels Wall. This is cool stuff I think they would appreciate it.

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