Theme Tuesdays: Widebody American


When the subject of wide bodies comes up in the circles I travel in people rarely ever mention American examples.

Probably because euro and JDM widebody builds are much easier to find online, at shows, and on the track, but if you look hard enough American builds are plentiful.

Several of them dating back to when fuel efficiency wasn’t considered and there was no replacement for displacement.

I might have colored a little outside the lines of ‘stance’ with this post but what is wrong with a little function now and again? Also I would love to see a few more pro touring styled cars on the road.

Holy crap is this ever wide
This one is subtle as it isn't really flared out so much as stretched horizontally
Cone hunter
Dated but pretty badass looking T/A
Not the only z28 on todays hitlist
You might remember this Fox from the fan page... it was known as the Dominator GTA
Participated in an 89 road and track event
This is a Cyclone
This is a Syclone
Stupid nasty looking 72 Nova
Super bird esque wing
and some say American cars can't go around corners...
Widebody Mustang II on beebs? Need bigger photos
Good. God. (got an american heart)
So you've been letting this sit on your lawn for 35 years what do you do?

Drive it:

If you want to see more of this check out the thread on

Dunno what’s up next week… got some women kicking around I could post….


  1. Glad you guys are into this… I’ll start on a part 2.

    D1RGE.EXE I was actually wondering the other day why I have never seen you comment here as I’ve seen you on other blogs ha. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. That last car is mine i have been finding it in alot of places and alot of conversations on yhe internet im glad to know im not the only one who love’s this car. there is more info at

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