Theme Tuesdays: VW Harlequin’s Part II


In trying to keep some variety in the Theme Tuesdays (and posts in general) I decided to keep the import and American Theme Tuesdays on the hard drive this week and do something else.

Originally the plan was to finalize the Type A Theme Tuesday but after stumbling across the first Harlequin in today’s post that was put on the back burner.

I never expected this theme to make it to a second round but I’m glad it did.

A lot of these are photos of the same car with different wheels but considering they were made in limited numbers I’ll take what I can.

My search for Type-As lead me to this
Pretty sure this is @dannytherice on twitter
Kind of reminds me of spokey dokes
1 piece BBS RF? New one to me
Not sure what wheels these are... sure one of you know... starks maybe?
Mustard cups
Doo doo brown... working surprisingly well
Image RN-4s evidently, do not see a lot of 4 spokes
Posted this one a couple times over in part 1, and a few more times today
4x4 Crossfire back there
Ladies are also fans
80s flashback?
Hell ya this
One thing I noticed about Harley owners is they love to collect stuff that matches their car
Amazing tank setup is amazing
I read this is actually not an original Harley but painted as such, I don't know how to tell
Playing doubles
More of the same
Whenever I see these I am reminded of AndreNY's old e30
Maybe I should have sorted these by base color... too late
Bringing up the rear...

I don’t think I have posted a Fire and Ice yet… maybe look into those in the near future

Thread full of Harlequins here.


  1. ive seen a fue Harlequin golfs but theres a Harlequin polo near me its the only one ive ever seen

  2. we didnt get the golf harlequin over here (UK), only ever the Polo, have seen a few but rare now adays, saw Loads out in the canaries in the late 90’s when hey were released,
    is almost Posh rat look! haha!
    some cracking ones here though, Love the attention to detail with the bolts on the split rims!!

  3. According to the Wikipedia of this edition, they all had a certain pattern, so it might not be the same car.

  4. Fire and Ice would be awesome! I know my good friend Mr. Steve Wharton of e11even photography was rocking an MK2 a few years back with the fire and ice interior, but i’ve never seen another one since….

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