Winter Wednesdays: Proof


A couple weeks ago a picture of Alex’s Lexus SC at Blue Mountain made it’s way to the fan page and two things about said picture were quickly disputed.

One, that his car is Lexus SC (and not a Toyota Soarer) and two the fact that he does indeed daily drive it like it as it appeared in the photo.

I’m not even sure why the first item is up for dispute, Alex owns the car so if he says it is a Lexus SC400 then it is a Lexus SC400, and for proof of the other disputed item he sent in some more photos.

The XXRs are old news so that is why they now see winter duty.

Pictures by Mr Pascua.

Not sure what the summer wheels are but I am sure he will send photos along once they are on.


  1. Like I said on ‘book, don’t know how anyone could argue with either point in the first place. Nice car and fair play for driving it daily like a real man… I guess some people just haven’t got their head around that bit.

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