Ass, Ass, Ass, Ass


There is a fair chance a lot of you have only seen this Supra from the rear.

Even though it is an older build my first and only exposure to it for the longest time was that one lone picture of its ass.

Arguably the car looks best from the rear, but the rest of it isn’t all that bad either especially when you take into account the wide body isn’t an off the shelf kit and the twin turbo 2uzfe motor has been heavily worked over.

It also isn’t straight black like I assumed but a cherry black color from a Supercharged Jaguar XJ.

Wide mouth kids are perfectly acceptable when you have the inter cooler to go with
Wonder what came first, the wide body or the wheels?
God bless Elite Custom Auto body for not putting a wing on the back of this
Closer look at the Cherry Black Metallic
Next to the rear perhaps the most beautiful part of the car
The famous ass shot

A brief build thread on this car with a little more info can be found here, and the builder says that it spends most of it’s time locked away and no one really sees it.

Possible ebay find one day?

I might have written this entire post just so I had an excuse to post this gif in context.

Easily the only good thing about the (Dance) Ass song.


  1. thats an amazing car shame it rairly sees the light of day im a big believer that cars should be built to be driven. those 2 little holes under the 3rd break light bug the fk outa me i know im too anal (no pun intended)

  2. Oliver, I thought I was the only one to notice the holes (there’s actually three of them). Throw a circle T on the back and call it a day!

  3. Nice build. Rear quater work could havebeen blended into the body better IMHO. Looks like over fenders and bondo.
    Don’t get me wrong though. She’s a beauty.

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