WTF Friday: Turbo Dodge


The requested ‘Turbo Dodge’ Theme Tuesday has honestly been one of the most challenging I have tried to pull together because I am trying to not just post the obvious SRT-4 or fudge the lines by posting only Conquests (which are really Mitsubishis anyway).

In my search for ground scraping Dodge Omnis and Daytonas I stumbled upon this SRT-4 swapped Chrysler Town and Country that is completely stock inside and out other than the drive train.

The donor SRT-4 looks like it had a run in with a pole so it was up for auction as was the original Town and Country that’s 2.2 turbo engine went up in smoke so two and two made four, and then eight as the builder ramped up the difficulty by keeping things like the abs, srt4 key fob, and dimmer via ignition for the interior lights intact.

Donor car had a run in with an immovable object
Motor in place
Turbo to firewall clearance
Intercooler behind the bumper
A lot of the SRT-4 workings actually made their way behind the dash
Daily driver, family mover, and sleeper all in one

The build thread is here and Jalopnik reported the car up for sale in 2011 so I wonder where it is now?

With SRT suspension this car, in theory, could be slammed to the ground. That would kill it as a sleeper though.

I’m still looking for help in the Turbo Dodge Theme Tuesday so if you have any cars I shouldn’t leave out let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

Site Updates

Some of you may have noticed that certain items in the store are getting low in stock or are just plain out of stock. This is somewhat by design as I plan to do another ‘vote for the next color’ type of posting on here and facebook so I know what colors to order for 2011.

I am hoping to have the sticker color selection posts go up the week of the redesign, which I have picked a launch date for but will not announce just yet in case I further procrastinate.

Flashback Friday

It has been a long while since I have posted dedicated a post to a Honda fit, a platform worth revisiting and posting more of perhaps?


  1. hey i got a turbo dodge for ya to feature. it is my friends turbo 1st. gen neon. with the stratus 2.4 turbo swap. about 12 g’s under the hood and an all carbon front. its not finished yet but there is a trick up its sleeve.

    now how would i be able to email you?? i would love to see his car featured. its been 3 years in the making.

  2. I actually saw a Shelby Dodge Shadow on the road the other day, I’d never seen one in person before. Be sure to include some of the Shelby pocket rockets in your post. When can we expect to see a “convertibles” theme tuesday? 🙂

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