WTF Friday: 2JZ Trike?


Trikes by design are a little weird. They are not quite a motorcycle, and not quite a car and often piloted by people with big beards and awesome bandanas.

Today’s trike isn’t just a little weird it is a lot of crazy and comes from @clintjollygreen via twitter.

Clint spotted this single turbo 2jz powered trike at an Ama superbike race in Wisconsin.

The builder who he describes as an older gentleman was originally going to power this with the very reliable Chevy 350 until he decided to throw caution to the wind and do something different.

You see this in your rear view... what do you do?
Passenger seat looks a little scary
I wonder what sort of regulations there are around trikes?

I suppose his desire to be different also explains the monster head?

Photo Credit: Jolly Goods Photography

Site Updates

I Have not had much of a chance to work on the new design since last week but plan to bang out a few more lines of code this weekend.

I’m also working on a new feature which I am going to hopefully wrap up this weekend and I’ve just been invited to check out a local custom shop so that should help break the winter up nicely as well.

Flashback Friday

Look back at the last trike I posted, guess the passenger seats do get used.

“Bet that thing would go a hell of a lot faster if the bitch on the back fell off!”


  1. Wow, straight up ridiculousness. It’s probably fun to ride but I wouldn’t want to be the owner of this beast. I guess it corilates with the passenger on the green deere bike. hahaha, you know you would too!!!

  2. The last pic clearly shows why these people build trikes with car engines. I’ve never seen one not carrying a large payload.

  3. Never mind, I googled my quote and found that I posted that comment last time you posted that pic. I’m ROFLing over here.

  4. Holy S**T !! Has that deere bike got rear wheel brakes that are essentially a bit of metal pressing on the rubber?

    Safe? I THINK NOT :S

    My gokarts of my childhood had those, decidedly unsafe at high speed lol

    Just my 2 pence..!

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