Theme Tuesdays: Drifting Gifs


Reading all of the Long Beach Formula Drift coverage really makes me wish I flew into LAX and went from LA to SF instead of the other way around, but I had free board for a few nights in SF so…

Instead of drowning my sorrows in a local San Francisco Morrow Bay pub I pulled together some drifting gifs to make myself feel better.

This is precision
This is always crazy
Another for good measure
This makes it all look so easy
The people stationary probably thought they were dead.
Balls to the wall
Love tap
I could watch this one all day
Maybe I will do a street drift Theme Tues...
One more time?
Beside boss in the dictionary is...

Finishing the SF to LA cruise tomorrow, hopefully I can come across more cool cars in Los Angeles.

Be sure to check up on the California Car Spotting gallery on facebook, doing my best to update it daily.


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