WTF Friday: So Who’s Worse?


It’s no secret that in the quest to go as low and wide as possible some people have been known to cross the line between voids warranties and downright dangerous.

Not long ago one particularily inept attempt appeared on Jalopnik and more recently people have been up in arms over a particular silver Celica from Japan.

While it is easy to assume that only lowered car owners go to such dangerous extremes to get the look they want, lifted vehicle owners are just as ready to blur the line between questionable and downright dangerous.

The question I ask today is when it comes to the most extreme of extreme examples from both camps who is actually safer? Or are they all  just rolling games of Russian Roulette?

Exhibit A

The aforementioned Civic that didn’t actually end up all that low but scared a whole pile of people in the process.

Revision 1
Revision 2, chock full o nuts
Final result

Exhibit B

I am sure all of you have seen this Celica 1000 times over by now but if not here it is. Japan has always been pretty crazy when it comes to extreme modifications so I don’t see a lot of people following this cars path.

I hope not at least.

The best source of information on this car can be found over on Nori Yaro.

If you remember a Yellow Celica set up sort of similar... same owner
The yellow one was built to slide not sure that this one is...
People are wishing all sorts of terrible things upon the owner

Exhibit C

At first this Chevy looks like your typical show ready mall crawler but the closer you look the more you see that things are not quite up to snuff in the fabrication department.

As mentioned at first glance things look OK
But a look underneath reveals some questionable looking welds and cuts
Who knows maybe these welds penetrate fine and we are all just crazy

Exhibit D

Finally the end of this little comparison game is perhaps the worst built vehicle of this entire post. While this Suburban did end up pretty high but that is about all there is going for it.

The rest is downright scary.

Bags in the back leafs in the front... interesting
I am impressed any power makes its way through this mess
At least it is all color matched...

So if you had to drive one of these on a long road trip which would it be?

Site Updates

This is my last full day in California, Los Angeles to be specific, and this evening I will be going to Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank to hopefully have a good burger and see some cars.

That is of course if the weather holds out, if you are in the area or attend this meet look for the guy in the Stance Is Everything Shirt.

Flashback Friday

None today as the internet connection at the Holiday Inn LAX has flashed me back to the days of 7mbps evidently.


  1. hatefull rubish its a car that means its suposed to work then look good not the other way around il cycle thanks lol

  2. ill drive the celica over anything else on this page. Its crazy, i wouldnt have built it that way, but it gets the reactions the guy built it for.
    those trucks look scary as s**t. those welds, that drive shaft. No thanks.

  3. That drive shaft is ridiculous. He spend all the money on those parts yet cant get a custom drive shaft or differential for his project? What a waste! not to mention that setup will destroy the differential gears cause the angles are messed up.

  4. Man, these are just flat out scary. This is why I’m thankful for our scarily harsh road laws in NSW, Oz. ‘Cause none of these would even come close to passing. Over here no matter how crazy it looks, if it has valid tags then it’s safe. Tasteless perhaps, but safe 🙂

    I’d hate to imagine what would happen if that first one ever drove down a typical Aussie street. There’d be suspension bits flying all over the place…

  5. WoW!! thank goodness for the interweb , brings us all kinds of fun stuff to look at , and makes these “builds” live forever to the dismay of the “buiders”.

  6. I’d drive the Civic because when it fails, it will be the least dangerously catastrophic of the four. That’s not to say it will last very long, but at least I’d survive. I’d also say that the front leaf springs on that Suburban are even more scary than the driveshaft thing.

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