Cedric The Entertainer


In the ‘Four On The Floor?‘ Theme Tuesday I posted a Nissan 300C lowrider hittin a three at a gas station followed by Datun 200L with interesting rear window vinyl also paused on three.

Then later I dedicated an entire Tuesday to strictly non traditional lowriders. After doing those posts I didn’t think I would come across another, different, Nissan on wires but here we are.

This is a 75 Cedric that was originally built in the late 90s by Eddy Rattley (also known as RatDat). When finished for the first time it was Blue but then it was painted Gold later for another feature in 1999.

Then like a lot of cover/feature cars it vanished for a little bit before it was picked up by someone new and given a new lease on life.

Funny enough this car wasn’t originally built as a hopper it was built to dance. I would love to see some videos of it flexin’ as I think that would be pretty cool.

This car looks pretty good as it sits if you are into traditional lowriders and if you are not just imagine it with a different set of wheels…

Hopefully the new owner continues to show it off.

Photo Credit: AshleyKent
Spotted on: Suck Squeeze Bang Blow

More info to be had here and here.


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