Event Coverage: 2012 Street Classics Season Opener


The 2012 Street Classics season offically started this past Saturday May 19th at the usual Canadian Tire Etobicoke location.

Over the winter a number of retail shops opened which has shifted things a little bit in regards to organization but thankfully the entire cruise in didn’t move.

Saturday was that perfect ‘not too hot not too cold’ evening weather which made for an excellent turn out and as I mentioned on Friday I took my father with me to give him a chance to relive his glory days as an enthusiast.

Preview to vanfest?
While I'll take pictures of 70s van interiors I don't think I am adventurous enough to ever set foot in one without a hazmat suit
Close up of the awesome mural
The first Nash Metropolitan I have seen in some time that actually has it's factory motor
Mustang bike trailer
Caddy on bags with "Daddy" on the drivers door rollin through...

There’s always a number of interesting late model cars that come out to these events, more often than not ones I do not see at other venues.

Aston did a great job designing this car, aggressive and classy
This car looks like it means business I wonder if the owner tracks it
While I love these tails I am sure glad that they stopped showing up on trucks
Barely caught this rolling out

About four or five Vipers showed up this week, which started a debate with my dad and I, what burns more gas at the end of the day a strip ready classic, or standard trim Viper?

Accurate plate is accurate
Big wing, big traction

Of course Vipers were not the only snakes with venom at the meet…

Picture perfect

This sled that represents for the Lead Kings car club is a car I never tire of seeing,  the miles of grime accumulated inside that cavernous grill is a good indicator this car gets driven.

Hubs and whites time and time again a winner with the right height
Not sure if this is new or I had just now noticed it
The many shades of classic stance
Lead King

Two cars before I came along and ruined everything my old man owned a Thunderbird so he pointed this one out.

The textured blue continued into the (gutted) interior
Not your standard wheel setup thats for sure... SRT wheels up front I think

If you are anti General Motors you may want to keep scrolling because here comes that aforementioned clump of GMS.

An incredibly clean 76 Trans Am
Dale always brings out his previously featured Impala
Lotta Rake
A view from the front
Strip ready second gen Camaro
Interesting plate...
Perhaps the best looking of this generation El Camino I have ever seen in person
Never really occurred to me just how long these are
Business in the back
In addition to one of the sweetest paint colors ever...
This Nova also has an immaculate engine bay
Another ridiculous car creation by A&d Performance in Brampton
I can not imagine how this is to send down the strip

One of the main reasons I enjoy attending Street Classics events, and classic cars shows in general, is because I always wind up stumbling across a vehicle I have either never seen in person before, or just plain didn’t know existed.

Sitting almost at the outskirts of this weeks event was a Lamborghini Espada, which was one of those cars.

More accustom to their sports cars I found this one rather unusaul
However don't take that to mean I didn't like it
Unique lines all around
Evidently each model of this cars interior changed drastically from one year to the next
The owner was chatting about replacement parts for this car.... he must have a stash of arms and legs

While the Lamborghini above was a treat this Cadillac was the car of the meet in my eyes.  I spent a great deal of time looking admiring this car and waiting to see if I could get a few snaps f it from a far.

Next time I see it I am going to have to seek out the owner, I would love to shoot this car on it’s own.

The interior was actually wrapped in plastic like a couch in the 80s to keep it spotless
The interior was actually wrapped in plastic like a couch in the 80s
Tidy trunk
Almost completely on the floor....

This year I hope to swing by more Street Classics events then I did last year, the next will probably be mid June.


  1. Nice. I’d take Dale’s Impala over any of the others. The Lambo’s plate says it all, props to the owner for toughing out an expensive project!

  2. when ever i see and espada (once in a blue moon) im always shocked at how massive thay are for one of your cars

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