Theme Tuesdays: Lead Sleds/ Kustoms


Lead Sleds are cars I wish I saw more of first hand, sure I’ve seen a scattered few at a few Street Classics events but I need more!

The fact that only certain cars take really well to this treatment makes them even harder to find.

Huge respect to the people still building these cars today, it shouldn’t have taken me so long to do this and I plan on making this one more than one part.

Local ride that sports a Lead Kings dragger plate
A shot from a later event, hubcaps changed a bit
Super clean...
Or rocking patina... take your pick
Must find this one again...
Lead Kings
A re post from the no shine Theme Tues
Love the very subtle use of pin striping on the raw metal
Smooth as hell Merc
Restrained palette, sick results
49ish Olds, I wouldn't like this car stock I don't think
That distinctive fool your eye reverse rake sled profile
I love this, the roof sets it off without looking gaudy.. looks like it just rained almost
More incredible pin stripping on the trunk of this car
Want to see more bad ass photos? Check out Brett Sloan's tumblr
This Caddy... the grill might not be for everyone but damn
Talk about breaking necks..
Can a drop be a sled? Guess so?
Retina popping color choices working quite well
One from Japan... I'm deep in the Japanese American car culture rabbit hole these days
This is one of the longest and lowest cars I have ever seen... dually length status

I’d love to shoot a sled if anyone out there reading this in the GTA has one…

Also what is the difference between a Sled and a ‘Kustom’?  I couldn’t really find a definitive answer.


  1. Check out the ’48 Hudson. It would seem that Mercury followed them. You don’t hear of it much because Hudson sold so few cars in comparison. You pretty much don’t even need to chop the top of a Hudson and you have a sled. Not that chopping is an ‘absolute’ necessity either.
    AFAIK a ‘sled’ is just a form of Kustom. Usually latge ’40s early ’50s era cars with alot less chrome than say a ’58 Buick.
    Kustoms are pretty much anything Kustom-ized. I’m no expert so don’t wikipedia this. 😀
    A sled (hopefully a Hudson) is my next build.

  2. I see that caddy all over… extreme but tasteful. The pictures don’t do it justice, gotta be seen in person. Best theme-tuesday yet.

  3. Kustoms deserve respect for the simple fact that it is such a fine line between just right and retarded-looking.

    Sure drop tops can be sleds, Google Carson Tops and I’m sure you’ll come up with lots of droptop sleds.

    On a side note, these cars always remind me of the movie I.Q. with Walter Matthau, Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins. Good movie on so many levels, plus one more for car guys!

    P.S. Still waiting on a “Droptops” Theme Tuesday… 🙂

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