Event Coverage: Importfest 2012 – Part: 2


Picking right back up where we left off here is the second batch of the show day coverage from Importfest.

I actually didn’t intend to do two separate posts but once I started going through the photos I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to keep things in and around the standard 40-50 photos.

I still missed a whole lot of cars too….

Stance East

Two out of three of the Stance East cars couldn’t make it down for Importfest (which is why SIE had 5 spots) but the lone car that did make it was this 1970 Datsun 240Z owned by Richard Desjardins.

This car is intense, Stance East should stop slacking and feature it
Triple Carbed L motor
A shot for the guys at K&N Filters

Team Importfest/ Vossen

While I saw Harvin and Angelo throughout the show Basit I didn’t see at all.

Basit’s car with the new Black Chrome wrap done by Restyle It
Really wish this car sat even front to rear, it would be perfect
Harvin’s car in the JVC booth, on his new(er) Vossen Wheels

Explict Contentz

I hear these guys like to party.

This CRX is too clean for it’s age
This car recently got a new owner, good luck with the new project Colin
Pictures do not do this car justice, at all, the paint job is spectacular in person
His new trunk setup is bad ass also, hope to shoot it before the year is out

Gran Turismo

An out of town club known for their builds that feature extensive ICE setups, they had the DBZ car from part one.

GS from Gran Turismo
Well done work on this car…
… but the shape of the rear quarter seems a little weird to me

Nine 0 Five Rides

Congrats to Erik, Shayan, and Brandon for taking home awards in their categories I attribute .99% of their win to the Stance Is Everything stickers they all had.

Clean Cobalt
Never really looked inside Tom’s car before, so much work in this car
Supercharged e36 on Style 5’s
Brandon’s truck once again
Matt’s S2000 that ended up taking home the best stance (static)
Erik’s Probe, more on this soon
Shayan’s car is dope, I also want to shoot it, the list of cars I want to shoot is ever growing…
That sticker on his hatch is a new combination of vinyls sechemedia and I are playing with. Tinted vinyl over etched glass, it’s actually slightly transparent.
Nice FD from 905’s on Varrstoen rocking  Varrstoen caps which I didn’t even know those wheels came with
Simple to the point I.C.E. setup

Level One

Closing out the coverage with the vehicles from Level One, you’ve probably seen photos of these cars floating around the net already.

Finally got to meet Galen, always been a fan of his photography, and his Fit is wild
The newest addition to Level One? Amazing.
Beautiful car
Based on photos I didn’t like Dan’s new bumper but seeing it in person changed my mind
Whoever does Dan’s body work does a great job
Rear shot I uploaded to Facebook later in the evening last night
I take this same pic ever year I think…
I didn’t know this until recently but James tracks this car
He does so set up slightly different though

Congratulations to the Importfest team for another successful event and I look forward to being a part of it again next year, check back tomorrow for the last part of the 2012 Importfest coverage which will be dedicated solely to Chris, Ryan, Blair, and Sam who parked with Stance Is Everything for 2012 (along with the lovely ladies who modelled as well)


  1. Gawd, that 240Z is nearly EXACTLY how I want to build one. Minus one turbo.

    Maybe I just need to think about buying it instead of restoring one lol.

  2. Yep the S2k has a new owner! Not sure how long it will be in one piece though…. The RSX S should be at Importfest 2013!

  3. Ok thanks Dave, I had the R33 GTR Vspec sitting in the corner at the end of the Alpha Motorsports/IND line up. If you got any shots of that let me know, these pictures look amazing!


  4. that crx is properly cool on the whole i dont get show cars the whole big i.c.e,skinny tires,led street glow and jelly mould dash thing is beyond me :/

  5. hey there guys im all the way from south africa n i get a craving atleast twice a week to come on this site man its real awsome work u guys do man

    have u guys seen the South african VW MK1 golf ?……
    N wat do u guys from the land of far far far away think of it?….

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