Event Coverage: Importfest 2012 – Part: 1


I’ve heard people grumbling on message boards that car shows going the way of the dodo due to people showing up to parking lot meets in record numbers but anyone who was at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Saturday knows that is simply not true.

Meets will always have their place but shows like Importfest are not going anywhere. Proof of this was that at any given time there was a huge line of people waiting to get inside to check out the show.

There was a ton of foot traffic the entire day and anytime something was happening on stage there was a mob of people waiting to catch a models undergarments with their head.

When I wasn’t making a fool of myself on the difficult RC drift course or relaxing in the fold up chairs people watching I took the following pictures.

Because Show Car

Sometimes the easiest way to explain some modifications is… because show car.

I guess the front end swap on this car wasn’t quite finished so this was an interim solution, hopefully the candy red it used to have comes back
Pretty sure this car won ‘Baddest Domestic’
This was underneath the plexi cover, a pro charged mill
More from Gran Turismo in part 2 but this car is wild, the triple signal on the bumper is just one of many details in it
Wouldn’t mind seeing it in all black with no DBZ graphics though…
This Lexus is also car is pretty nuts, wide body, motor work, remote controlled air
Racing seats and a screen in the gas cap, because show car

FR-S Tuner Challenge

All of the cars below were competing in the first challenge of the FR-S Tuner challenge the next day, straight from the show floor to autocross track.

VCMC’s take on the FR-S
Swag racing’s version
and finally Top Tuner’s



John Wakely’s Spacely sprockets look
450 HP boosted EG hidden behind the BGP display
I’ve seen this car at CSCS a few times, really solid complete build front to back
Acura TL from Ertefa
Baddest Mazda winner parked in the Meguairs display
Model coverage this year is pretty weak.. sorry about that, couple more tomorrow though
Another shot of Javed’s new look
MR-2 Recently seen on Stretch & Poke
The Golf in the foreground won second place aggressive fitment
Closer look at the 8th gen
Aidan at PAS booth again
I stopped to look at this Cavlier a few times, air, Willwood calipers, stereo, the motor set-up, a lot to check out
Lord help me but Cav’s don’t look bad to me anymore, Jeff’s fault.
Every year I have a hard time getting shots in of the Bimmersport cars, always too tightly packed, here’s one
Brian hoodless ,which is how I am more used to seeing his car

Too Fast Motors

The Too Fast Motors area was a bit of a tight squeeze with the cars and product, I kept bumping into people any time I set foot in it.

I guess Toronto is slammed city?
Turbo J’d eg8 which was also on bags

So Fresh Automotive

So Fresh Automotive has been working on a number of crazy things lately, going to try and check out the shop before the weather gets too cold.

So Fresh Automotive loves to put things on bags
Steve’s Acura now on air
Tuck game serious
Love this car on the X5 wheels much more than the XXR’s good look


Nextmod unveiled a ton of new builds alongside their familiar classics.

As promised a look at Chris’ turbo setup
Kinda looks like his rear wheel is floating in this shot, weird
There are lots of photos of Peter’s car floating around from being in this booth. Like this one with Stance Is Everythings favourite model Alisha Lynn
Rachel’s Element is without a doubt the best looking Element I have seen in person
The fact that it is boosted is just a plus
Never seen this supercharged* s2000 from Nextmod before…
Another Nextmod car I had never seen, a Sorcery widebody NSX
Varis Evo-X from Nextmods infinite back pocket full of crazy cars
Loved it

For the sake of load times I’ve decided to break this post up into two parts so click through to the second one here.


  1. The 450whp gold boosted ‘EK’ is actually an EG Civic Cx ’95. Just sayin… Don’t want someone to catch a lot of crap over that…

    • Haha, a lot of what I have learned has come from readers, it’s all good.

      I’m also incredibly thankful to have an audience that knows errors are human, some other blogs (speedhunters) catch a whooping!

  2. That nextmod nsx, any chance it’s located in Ottawa Ont? I just saw an identical car with nextmod sticker tonight

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