Theme Tuesdays: Front End Swaps and Conversions


Today is the day I make good on last Friday’s promise of some more favourable front end swaps to balance out the more horrendous.

Front (and rear for that matter) swaps are always going to be somewhat controversial, and a matter of personal preference, so I have no doubt some of you are not going to agree with a few of these picks. As always feel free to express your opinions, or share ones I may have missed, in the comments below.

Start things off a little simple. VW front end swaps are often quite subtle, round light conversion here
Local Golf with an A3 swap sitting on style 5s. The craftsmanship on this one is immaculate
Local Golf with an A3 swap sitting on style 5s. The craftsmanship on this one is immaculate
MK6 front ends work quite well on the MK5
Eos sporting a ‘rocco front end
This is so far out of left field that I’m actually not 100% sure if it is real…
02 Silverado front end on a 90s Tahoe
Escalades have been misplacing their front ends for year snow
Super Duty clip on a Ford Excursion
Bronco II with a Ford F-100 grill, headlights, and bumper
Initially I wasn’t all the way on board with this swap but looking back I quite like it
The Pit Crew front end on the Miata is love hate
s14 clipped s13
Another s13.4
RS4 front on an A3 sitting on banded steels
Only Japan would this be attempted and executed quite well
Another BMW front end on a Japanese vehicle
I’m with this swap up until the end of the rear doors but that’s where the standard Stagea loses me as well
These Odyvias were super popular around 2010 or so
This El swapped Civic was recently up for sale, not sure if it moved
Another example of the same swap but this time using the Isuzu Domani front

May end up continuing this one at a later date…


  1. That Excursion is much more than a front end swap, it’s got a huge-power diesel (Cummins, I think), body drop and 24s with full steering ability at full drop.

    • @Phil yeah, I know it was a little bit more but for sake of this post I mentioned just the front. I spent awhile clicking through the build on layitlow

  2. i dig the taleighty (yeah just made that up) if it’s real that is.

    personally i really like a jetta front end on a golf, of any generation, better than the front it came with.

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