WTF Friday: Front End Swapping Madness Continued


Earlier in the week Jalopnik posted a link to a Mercedes clipped Expedition that triggered memories of a post here on SIE from three years ago showcasing a collection of rather questionable front end swaps.

At the time I had intentions of making rather alarming front end swaps a semi reoccurring WTF Friday theme but since I am just revisiting it now it’s safe to say it slipped my mind.

Today I make “good” on those intentions.

My past self ought to be proud, present self a little horrified at the examples below.

There is… a lot going on here and none of it too my tastes. The roof is ok I suppose.
This reminds me of a blob fish
Yeah… the did the back too
Where the truck above reminded me of a Blob Fish this Camaro is reminiscent of an ant eater
I actually took this photo myself a few years ago, I’ve seen it a few times since then
The previously mentioned Mercedes clipped Expedition
Needs more low
This almost, kind of works… almost
Celica Supra…
Considering the two chassis uses the work here seems decent enough, the end result though…
I don’t really even like Baur convertible e21s from the factory but I think they deserve better than this
Anyone order a cow catcher?
I’m not going to lie I am actually kind of OK with this…
…This is a big reason why

I think I might do a Theme Tuesday on good looking front end swaps this week to make up for all the bad.

Site Updates

I’ve had a lot of requests lately for an event calender and I’ve been meaning to do one for a long time now so I think I’ll just hand crank one out this weekend while I look for an easier to maintain solution in the future.

Hopefully now that I have actually mentioned it I will feel some sort of pressure to actually get it done.

Flashback Friday

The legendary Butch King left a comment on the site recently saying that his time attack Blazer is officially dead. I absolutely loved this truck so let’s all take a minute to mourn it’s awesome.


I’ve asked Butch what his next project is… hopefully he responds.


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