Theme Tuesdays: Pictures With Attitude: 8


Sadly no ‘women of Importfest’ Theme Tuesday this year (model photos will just be rolled into later coverage) but what I do have today is another collection of awesome photos I’ve found collected here and there.

They really don’t have anything in common aside from being awesome, but that’s ok.

This photo is what (eventually) lead to the build thread Theme Tuesday but I have since forgot where I found this photo and what happened to the build…
Simply love the skyline in this shot… cars pretty classy too
Speaking of e34s..
Left over from the flush/drift trucks Theme Tuesday
This appears to be happening IN a show
Remember awhile ago when I posted wheel standers on the fanpage? Ya… I looked at a lot that day…
Beetle putting power down
Such a weird, yet awesome, thing to look at
Dude stuntin’ hard
Gas hopping on a public street like it’s no big deal
Epic capture
It’s…. beautiful
This is how will chill from ’93 till
A little crazy to see how big the mini has gotten
Willie Borsch
Three window goin’ for a dip
RSR Press photo, press photos need to be awesome again


  1. The new Mini in the pic is the All4. It’s big (for a Mini).

    The vintage b/w pic is awesome, even the dude on the horse cart is beaking his neck!

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