Event Coverage: Importfest – Set Up


Another Importfest has come and gone which means this week is going to be almost completely dominated with coverage from the event.

I haven’t had a chance to go through all of my photos but on first glance I estimate about three posts worth of material.

Having my car in the show this year alongside four other incredible cars made my whole experience different than previous years but since I plan to touch on that more later in the week, here is some set up coverage from Friday.

Big fan of this Nissan, Importfest was apparently it’s first showing in a few years
MT Motorsports Turbo GSXR
I’ve posted probably dozens of photos of this car from this same angle but I can’t help it, it’s on point
This car has gone through a few bumpers, this is by far the best looking
Speaking of bumpers, Alvin also switched his up since I saw his car last
Aidan was posted up in the PASMAG booth all weekend… model fingerprints and ass prints galore
Colin’s car also received some model ass love abuse over the weekend
Very nice GTR from 4drive.ca

Pure MB

Pure MB and SIE were back to back at Importfest which was interesting because it was the first time either of us had a setup of any kind.

Pure MB’s A side
and B side
Sid’s CLS looking a lot lower than I saw it last


Like last year Nextmod came out with an army of cars, their set-up went fairly late into the night too from what I can tell…

Aldrin making his way to the Nextmod area of the show which was one of the biggest
First time I’ve seen Chris’ car post boost, looks the same just faster, under hood shot in part 2
Jon’s car positioned near the stage
Peter’s R35 with it’s new sides and rear bumper in the photo booth, probably thousands of photos of it floating around now

Nine O Five Rides

Tom and Nine 0 Five had a bit of an exciting night after he blew a tire right near the venue and he ended up having to borrow a wheel from Ty (Legacy below) that didn’t quite fit to get to the venue.

By Saturday it was all sorted out though like nothing ever happened.

Tried my best to get an updated shot off Erik and Ty’s rollin from last year, sun through the door kinda messed it all up
Shayan right behind them
Brandon, who I met for the first time at IF, has an amazing truck
Very clean all around, sits on the ground
Side profile, so clean
Matt’s s2000 which for the UK readers is in the latest Fast Car magazine

Titoboy Approved

Tito’s recent video featured ae86 rolling to the booth
In position

Street Concepts

This was my first time seeing Javed’s car since it’s makeover
Must say I love how it came together

Battleground Performance

BGP had one of the more elaborate displays for this years IF, carpeted and back-dropped, it looked great but I felt terrible for the people behind them who were basically cut off from the world.

Not only did I not know Brian had a hood, I didn’t know it was CF
BGP’s GC8RS which has been converted to an STI
That colour…

Toyo Street Team

Paul’s R32 Skyline
Sam’s 350z which I’ve only seen a handful of times compared to last year

Stance Is Everything

Just a picture of the two trucks that were in the SIE area for now but look out for a post of all five later this week.

Chris arrived to the booth first and when I saw his truck I was in awe, bodied tuckin’ 24s
Seriously no more room for those wheels, and the gravity defying hood prop drew many double takes
Blair’s 57 rocking one of only a handful of semi transparent script stickers kicking around

Check back later this week for more coverage!


  1. I still have prints to wipe off from before I left lol…..wiped them off 6 times already when I was there lmao

  2. is it just the lighting in the first pic? , i could have sworn that hardbody is an orange colour , perhaps its been painted?
    Sinful Creations?

  3. def. more on the yellow side , but between lighting there and my display im sure that why it looks that way .
    if i recall correctly the owners name is also , dave , but its been a few years ..lol

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