Guest Coverage: Illmotion Sunday School Show & Shine 2012


Canadian readers have probably heard of Illmotion before but for those of you may not have Illmotion is a group of enthusiasts from Calgary who in 2010 decided their scene needed a bit of a kick in the pants.

Last Sunday they had their second annual “Sunday School” show and shine at the Max Bell centre in Calgary and like other great events in the Calgary area guest contributing photographer Mike McConnell was there.

From what Mike told me the show had desert like temperatures but it looks like quite the variety of vehicles showed up. Here’s some of the show from Mike’s point of view.


Mustang Mach 1
SRT-4 on Miesters
Good to see the classics still attracting attention

VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW

GTI on Diamonds
I hear there is some great riding out in Calgary
The block heater suggests this is an all year driver… damn clean for that
Jetta squatted
Best GTI from Mike’s Driven coverage
For sale…
One sick Audi rollin’ by…
One sitting still

I be in the benzo, keep a low profile

I’ve seen loudspeakers on roof racks but never a sub

E30 on RMs that look to be relipped
E30 on TH lines
Why not boost while you are doing the swap?
Type 2’s look amazing on e36 coupe, especially as wide as this
When I posted this car in Mike’s Driven coveage…
….I didn’t realize what was under the hood

Mini, Lotus, Saturn, Mazda

Clean classic
Mazda 3 owners love battles
I’ve been following this build on and off on Stance Works, must have missed the bit stating it was Canadian


Talk about a blast from the past…
Evo with aggressive aero and what look to be AME Tracers


Clean GRB


Usually I find this aero a little too aggressive but here it works
Ryan from the Illmotion staff
Silver on teal is becoming a popular color combination
DC on wide Regas
That would be a little distracting

Lexus and Toyota

Lex on seven series wheels
Great look from the front
Simply stunning
Corolla on VS-XXs, pretty nice actually
It is 86 day after all…
This car was recently featured on Illmotion you can read more about it here.
Closer look at those beautiful 16×10 LM20s


Starting to develop a real liking for these trucks lineup
Even getting the attention of the models…
This was also at Driven
Super clean, even with the blast pipe
I like this guys sense of humour
Nice looking car as well, not just grabbing attention with the ‘Cars’ eyes and banner

Mike’s full gallery of Illmotion Sunday School coverage is availible on his flicrk account.


  1. minis look weird on 12s
    dave how can something be too aggressive i didn’t even know that was a thing?

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