WTF Friday: Counting Sheep


Sleepers are interesting and everyone seems to define them a little differently.

Personally I feel the best sleepers are the ones that are not entirely batshit crazy and have yet to make the changes that often reveal the cars true nature (ie cages and drag radials).

These two cars in my eyes are perfect examples of the classic sleeper, unexpectedly fast and more than just a race car that managed to keep it’s stock appearance.

First up is this ’82 Pontiac Wagon. The owner never posted what it ran but it’s got a 427 under the hood and is/was bottle fed so it’s probably much faster than you would expect.

Man these things are… not very attractive
Attractive where it counts though

The second car is a four door Malibu complete with two tone paint and wire caps. The owner says that he and his wife wife’s daily drove it and though he could have made it a little faster he was happy enough running 11s in a car that looked like it should stick to the right lane.

Nobody ever suspects the butterfly
“The shifter was bolted directly to the seat pan and would slide back and forth with the seat depending on who was driving the car”
Stock interior
But then…
Hub caps off so they don’t get sent down the track and runs 11s all day
383 with “some spray”

If you’ve got some time to burn check out this thread on the yellow bullet full of sleepers.

Site Updates

Long weekend so I probably won’t make it out to any events other than maybe a local cruise in I stumble upon.

I do however have a bunch of photos from various events and shoots throught the season I have yet to post so I might work on that back log.

Also I will be giving away another pair of Importfest tickets next week.

Flashback Friday

Remember this?

Original post here.


  1. There’s sleeper, then there’s… these two. I dunno. I understand the point of a sleeper, but when you do it to a car that isn’t even slightly appealing, it’s just anticlimactic.

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