I don’t often post cars like this Laurel. Not because  I don’t like them, but more because I don’t know a whole lot about Japanese cars of this vintage and a few of the blogs I follow (like High Top Fade) do such a damn good job of presenting them that I might as well concede defeat and look for another truck to post.

However this Laurel caught my eye and I couldn’t resist.

Unlike a lot of the builds I see from Japan it’s not an over the top or a caricature of USDM builds it just is what it is, which happens to be super clean.

I didn’t even know it was possible to look so good on such tiny wheels…

More can be found on High Top Fade and AUTOnGraphic


  1. now thats a properly modified classic i was looking at this very car yesterday the midnight blue makes the wheels and chrome stand out so well and i like that its properly caged
    as for small wheels its much like an erly ford escort (euro) altho there often fitted with 15s they look and handle far better on 13 with a lil stretch and chunky wubber

    i think you should post more stuff like this, the fact that you have such an eclectic taste is one of my favorite things about your blog

    • @Chris I was beginning to think you only like trucks

      @Ollie Are escorts fitted with 15s to allow larger brakes? Surely 13s limit things just a little bit. I’ll see about working more of this into the blog though 🙂

  2. 13s look better allow for more steering lock and you can still fit 4 pot calipers usually 15s are show cars and cars with massive yb swaps and it just doesnt look right but you can fit bigger discs and hit a higher top speed

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