WTF Friday: The COR Forged ‘Fiasco’


Since reading about the incident involving COR Forged, a Mustang owner, a failed wheel, lawyers, and Jalopnik I have become a tad obsessed with it.

I’ve  had the chance to discuss it with some intelligent (and sadly some not so intelligent people) and though it feels a little bit like throwing a few kicks in at a dead horse I am going to discuss it here as well.

For those who don’t know what happened a quick summary of events is that the owner of a Mustang took his car equipped with COR Forged wheels to the track where one of the faces failed quite dramatically.

The owner then contacted COR Forged who according to him stone walled him  in regards to any compensation for the damaged wheel.

He was denied for two reasons, the first being that the wheels were painted after purchase which COR feels (depending on the process used) could have had detrimental effects to their structural integrity, and the second –and far more interesting– reason is that COR’s policy is to not cover any damage that occurs on the track despite marketing materials advertising them as a  ‘performance’ wheel company.

The instant I read reason two I was reminded of the time I tried to warranty my first cracked BMX frame and was told that despite being sold with a ‘lifetime warranty’  the manufacturer (Mongoose for those curious) had a clause buried in their fine print that allowed them to weasel out of covering a bike used off road or in competition.

Comparing a $500 bike to a $4500 set of wheels is a bit of a stretch but it does illustrate that this type of ass covering by manufacturers is not uncommon regardless of the industry, and I have since learned that other wheel manufacturers have similar policies as well.

For example found on the Rays wheel site is the following:

“…the wheels in this catalog are not warranted for off-road use, or for use on racing circuits, or in rallying, or for …”

For a company with a wheel called the ‘Super-Lap” this is a little surprising and if I were denied a claim I would be pretty upset too but if you think about it they are not entirely out to lunch.

Racing is not exactly the calmest environment and while it would be nice if they replaced everything free of cost regardless of whether a pothole did it or a hard corner entry did it at the end of the day it wouldn’t be great for their bottom line.

The difference is that any Rays Wheel failures (and perhaps denied warranty claims) have not played out in such a public fashion. I can only image the ‘shit just got real‘ moment at COR headquarters upon learning they made the front page of  Jalopnik not once but twice in the same week for what could be classified as a freak accident.

Now no number of statements COR press releases claiming that the owner was requesting damages above and beyond compensation for their wheel will ever fix the bad press they have received from the situation thus far.

With both sides lawyer’d and clammed up this situation will probably get worse before it gets better.

It would be a shame to see COR go belly up after a situation like this and really I’m not sure Jalopnik’s involvement was necessary but perhaps once the dust clears COR will introduce a crash replacement system that gives the buyer the opportunity to purchase a replacement lip, face, or barrel at a discounted price no matter what the cause.

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Tomorrow I hop on a plane to Vegas to attend SEMA for the second time.

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Flashback Friday

Linking back to old SEMA content would be too easy (though you can click here for that) how about the last time I posted about COR?

Still like that Buick.


  1. I haven’t even read the whole post yet but we live in a day where nobody is responsible for anything they do any more. If you don’t have a lawyer, a bundle of cash and a lot of free time, it’s not even worth fighting anything what didn’t result in death, dismemberment or disability.

  2. There was a wheel company that popped up a few years back down in florida and was heavily marketing to the 300, magnum, and charger crowd. They had one of their wheels fail like this and pulled the same crap. It ended up being their demise. What im almost wondering is if COR is the rebirth of them… Time for some research…

  3. That rim would make a sweet ass table. Sorry for buddies loss. Been there. Two rims and tires to a pot hole in hamilton.

    • Nice find JS never heard of them before, that’s kinda crazy how they just split like that.

      @Phil… more or less kinda sad, more so Rays.

  4. In this specific case, I’d say the wheels don’t have much meat where the spokes broke. They may have passed whatever tests, but I’m sure real track-focused people wouldn’t buy such a wheel anyway. Live and learn in this case.

  5. I could see both sides. The guy wants his wheel replaced because it shouldnt fail like that however it was not a rim made for racing and is probably on the lil flyer u get when u buy a set of wheels in the finest print possible saying not intended for off road use but I’m sure he bought them for the look and price rather than the construction and weight or things ud look for when building a racecar.

    The wheel company should have replaced it just to keep a customer happy especially how it broke apart but if the guy wants them to start paying for a ridiculous amount of extras or bumped up the price he paid for em I’d tell him to screw too.

    It sucks to be the guy out a wheel though more than the co. because he’s gotta rock a donut now til he gets it fixed. Good luck!

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