Theme Tuesdays: FC RX-7s


Got news the other day on instagram that Steve (who owns the SR-20 Powered e30 currently in PBMW) recently picked up an FC RX-7.

When asked what his plans for the car were he replied “thinking wide as fuck wheels, obnoxious body kit, white or bass boat paint…”

That sounded promising so I took a look look around at a few other examples to get a better idea. Not all of the cars in this post fit his description but would make a great addition to the Scraped Crusaders none the less.

Start things off with a factory bodied FC on SSR Mesh wheels
JDM Chicago always has awesome photos
One without all the flare… great looking car
Concave looks good on this chassis as well
This one is pretty interesting with the after market mirrors and shaved doors
Love this car from Nuisance
Though I think I might like it more like this… something about the bigger tires and lettering
Doesn’t take a whole hell of a lot to make these look good
Nice solution to plate laws here
I think this car was on both SN and SW actually…
For whatever reason this shot reminds me of a video game even though outrun used a Ferrari Testarossa.
Sup V2lab
I bet I could follow this car all night and not get a shot like this…
Could see this with different wheels, but not bad
Love the classic vintage lines…
More WB
Stunna Shades on Works
Wide ass fuck wheels? Check. Obnoxious body kit? Check.
I’ve been following Eleven’s Paint and Fiber for awhile now this car is a big reason why
End it with Shawn of Drift Union


  1. i think theres a big problem with any one who doesn’t like rx7 in the right hands they look amazing know matter what gen

  2. usually there are one or more cars in a post that you like a little less than the others. not in this case, it’s all win.

    and i agree with ollie, something’s wrong with people who don’t like rx7s.

  3. My dad used to have one of these when I was young, but I still remember it, and was in love with this car!

    Sadly, the engine blew on the 401, and was towed to its grave.


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