Event Coverage: Import Expo 2012


Import Expo is now in it’s third year of operation (and I believe fourth event) and while previous shows took place in the middle of summer this years served as the unofficial show season close out event.

Having never attended an Import Expo event before I went in with an open mind knowing that this one wouldn’t be quite on the same level as their summer shows I had heard great things about.

Still the show managed to bring out 100+ cars which is nothing to scoff at this late in the year and many of those cars I had never seen before, most notably those from Dynamotorsports, and TrackWerks.

Lighting conditions were a little tricky however so my apologies for the varying degree of photo quality in the photos below.

Import Expo’s flagship NSX which has been spotted from here to WekEast
Clean RSX on what look to be 527s
FD on Miesters with cops scoping out were probably models in the background
Sean at Streetpowers 648hp Rx-7
Sam ended up taking home best Import other with his Genesis
Cranked his BC’s as far down as they would go
In my opinion this Jetta was one of the cleanest cars at the show
Nice touch with those vinyl eyes
‘Lick Your Lips’ ice sculpture for the show, kinda of random
Sonic EK from LYL
Clean civic, barring the Chicago bar’d brake pad-less bike on the roof…
One day I’ve got to take some photos of this car outside to do it’s paint some justice
‘Slammed City’ Civic
Probably one of my favourite Fits ever, which is admittedly a short list, but every time Galen changes this car it is for the better
Accord from Level One
The Focal Point Concepts Subarus
Met Matt (owner of this RX-7) for the first time at Import Expo, nice guy, nice build
He took home a well deserved first place Mazda if I am not mistaken
Have not seen Mike from Curbed in a long time… wonder if this replaced his XB
Boosted Civic parked with AMF
Tuned by Dynamotorsports whom brought out a couple more boosted rides found further down
Quite a few NSX’s at Import Expo


As a presenting sponsor of the event Teknotik brought out a couple of their builds, I somehow managed completely miss taking photos of their recently completed NSX though.

Nice Evo on Superlaps
This is perhaps the first photo I have taken James Houghton’s  Cayuga lap record holding Type R sitting still
Fairly certain this car took home first place RSX

Battle Ground Performance

As usual Battle Ground came out in and were easily identifiable by the “Run Your Car Not Your Mouth” hoodies seen in the photos below.

Personally I preferred the wheels this car was on at Importfest but these Konig’s are not bad.
Mooner holding it down for Chop Shop and BGP
Brian won first place in the aggressive stance category in addition to his Civic Category
Photo of Brian’s bay number 423

Nine O Five Rides

NOFR brought out a lot of cars which meant they were so tightly packed it was actually hard to get any good photos of them..

Tom has had a pretty successful show season this year but I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes more changes to the car during the upcoming off season
Big fan of this FD, great addition to Nine O Five
Got a chance to talk to Ty for awhile about his other project, fingers crossed it will be on the road next year
This was actually pretty amusing, never found Waldo though…
Alex took home second place aggressive fitment with his super deep Garsons

Boost Theory

Since their grand opening Boost Theory has been making a name for themselves locally which is good to see because they are awfully close to me if I ever one day decide to boost my car…

Paul’s beast was a featured car at Import Expo
Since getting a Skyline I don’t see Matt’s 300 quite as  often
Pro Charged Challenger from Boost Theory
Runs 10 second quarter miles at 129mph


Known perhaps best for their insane Camry Dynamotorsports is behind a lot of the more serious boosted builds in the city.

Pedro parked with Dyna Motorsports Pedro switched up his car a little bit since I saw it last year. Gone are the LM reps replaced with NUEs and there have been some changes under hood.
I’ve heard about this 700 horse Camry for years so it was great to finally see it in person
For those that don’t believe the number written above check the video or post on Jalopnik


Hailing from Ottawa I don’t often get a chance to see Trackwerks cars in the flesh so this was a nice surprise at Import Expo.

All of the TrackWerks builds were pretty solid
As a 3 owner I spent a lot of time looking over this speed3 and regretting the fact I didn’t start with one
I think it put down around 320 to the wheels if I recall correctly
Probably my favourite of the vehicles they brought out was this v8 FD race car

New Jersey

Two heavy hitting show cars made the trek from New Jersey to Toronto to compete. Both were the complete ‘show’ package but also had a lot of go under the hood.

This Mazda owned by John Perez took home second place Mazda
From what I’ve read this rotary spins out 850whp
Some of you might remember this car from my 2010 SEMA trip
It looks to have changed some since then
A boosted K that puts down 780whp and 515 tq resides in the fuchsia bay which is from a previous look
Obviously a bit over the top for some but there’s no denying that there is a ton of work in this car

That’s it for the Import Expo coverage, hopefully next year they do another summer show and I can check one of those out.


  1. The white FD was with us before Dave. He used to drive the Silver G35(2010) then the Black G37(2011) on Varsstoen’s. He changes cars as often as I change rims. LOL

  2. lots of awsomeness altho that sema civic is still daft tho :/ build em for go not for show people!

  3. I was just thinking it’s nice to see a shift in focus among the show cars from flashy garbage to functional track setups… then I scrolled down to see the last 2 cars. Oh well, progress can be slow at times. Keep up the good work!

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