Winter Wednesdays: Slush


I’m not much of a slush fan. It’s dirty, wet, cold, ruins shoes, sucks to slide around in, and generally makes everything a giant grey soppy mess.

Thanks to a fair sized snowfall Monday, and steady increase in temperature to today’s high of 14° C, the city of Toronto is currently abundant with the watery slop.

Of course my issues with slush really have nothing to do with this Norwegian A4 Avant I spotted on Nick’s Car Blog a few weeks back which (unlike slush) is pretty solid.

I’ve actually somewhat considered the A4 as a future vehicle choice but I’m not sure I want to get into an actual wagon from a hatch…

These wheels (which to my surprise are not Rotiforms) are painted in a season fitting cool blue
The fogs and headlight overlays fit for winter
Summer versus winter, hopefully both things taking residence on the roof get used…

You can find more of it here. His previous car isn’t too bad either.


  1. Those look like 1 pc cranks, need I speculate more? The chainring is big and the handlebars are at an awkward angle. The huge dropouts are a clue it’s probably a cheapo or at least older frame. I’d love to be wrong but my guess is the bike is rack candy.

  2. Dave, I forbid you from posting any A4 Avants from now on. You’re just making me regret not buying one. Please stop.

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