Winter Wednesdays: Paint Is Overrated


A couple years ago I met a gentleman who lives west of me named Jeff. Whether we met through kids bikes or trucks I can’t really remember but since I’ve known him he has always had fairly interesting, low, vehicles.

At the time we met he owned a mostly white first generation s-10 that packed such a punch it twisted itself into oblivion. He followed that up with a turbo Cavalier build –which I have posted before— that gets more insane by the day.

Today’s subject is his daily driver which with little ground clearance, no paint, and a rag top isn’t something many would consider a great year round vehicle.

Jeff makes it all work though helped by winter tires (mounted to wheels from the now deceased Party Truck), and a complete disregard for front bumper condition.




More on the s10 is here for those interested and give dude a follow on instagram @hoowybrow.

Oh he’s also got a 57 Chevy pick up build that he has yet to start on but should be very interesting once he starts working on it…


  1. Cool truck. I’m liking the winter wednesday posts, but I’ve gotta say you guys north of the border can keep the snow though… hate the stuff. Haven’t had more than a light dusting here all winter, which is fine by me since I’ve gotten stuck on my driveway at least once each winter for the last four or five years.

  2. bud you should see the shit we got up in Maine. and im sitting 5/4 2nd gen like his getting ready to be a ken block jr.

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