Event Coverage: Stretch & Poke! Presents Fitted Lifestyle 2013 – Part 2


Back with part two of the coverage from this years wildly successful Fitted Lifestyle Event presented by Stretch & Poke! Today’s coverage actually has more photos than part one and to be completely honest there are still vehicles missing that I know I should have shot.

After a few laps I decided to forgo taking photos and instead just hang out with the awesome group of people who made it out.

For those of you who may have some comments or concerns about this years event, the venue, and the organization, rest assured Stretch & Poke team is looking to address any and all issues from this event and only hopes to make the events better as the years go on.

Personally I look forward to attending, being part of, and proving coverage of these meets as they continue to grow.

Exterior Continued

Before the coverage moves inside I’m going to post a few more of the vehicles parked out and about. It’s worth noting the wind made the parking lot a giant dust ball so don’t hold that against the owners of the cars in these photos, they were clean when they rolled up.

Mother nature is just having an excessively long time of the month.

Another shot of Shayan’s Audi just because
While I was talking with a few people I spotted this classic Celica out of the corner of my eye and had to get a closer look, don’t see many of these around
Every time I see this Fiat 500 there is something different about it at Fitted it was yet another set of wheels
I think with a little less going on this bagged Cav could be cool.  Right now there is a lot going on…
John Wakely recently completed an RHD swap to his Subaru
Mike has taken some time off from his e30 to build this bike
Pair of Static Mazdas
Pair of Static Mazdas
Josh brought his Airrex equipped 2010 through and laid it out in the parking lot
Two timeless examples of how to style a Miata
Digging the paint choice on this s2000
I’ve never seen this e46 before but it is incredibly well done
On point fitment with those HREs
Line up of dubs
Jetta tuckin’ Alphards hard
Blair’s Vossen wheels have arrived and look great tucked under his A4
Gotta be one of the best looking local Accord Coupes
Dope G on VS-XX wheels freshy refinished by Righteous Garage
Brett took home and appropriate best VIP from Fitted 2013
Another look at the 2013 best coupe
Finally got a chance to see this TT in person, it ended up taking home 3rd place in Air fitment
The first place Air ride winner

Air Society/Eurokracy

The guys behind Eurokracy made their way to Brampton from Montreal for this years Stretch & Poke event.

Nice guys with awesome cars and I am looking forward to Eurokracy at the end of the month.

Loved how this Audi sat, makes me want to get the front of my car that little bit lower
Rick from Air Society gettin low
Another from the Air Society camp
Jesse is tucking 10″ concept ones out back of his Passat
He’s at -4.3 at stock height!

Scraped Crusaders

Gill and the Scraped Crusaders were selling some of their new gear at Fitted. The new merch was pretty slick.

Not exactly sure why I felt the need to spy on Gill’s car with my telephoto but I did
Here is less of a creeper shot
Geoff and Gil recently had their wheels polished by Precision Wheel repair and they look great
Always great to see Steve’s SR20 e30… I feel like something changed under hood since I saw it last but I couldn’t but my finger on it..
Love the fitment of those beebs

Vendors Row

As I mentioned in part one of the coverage the venue this year allowed for Stretch & Poke to have a bit of an inside area to feature a few cars, vendors, and sponsors.

It also had an RC drift track which I knocked down pretty much all of the flags for, I still need more practice.

Big thanks to the Stretch & Poke organizers for letting me park my car inside, it was an honour
Nextmod showing their support
I actually stumbled upon a blog by the previous owner of this supercharged s2000
This car running is honestly one of the loudest vehicles I have ever heard
Track Werks made the trek from Ottawa to sell some goods
Brian and Sam were going head to head in PAS Magazines Tuner Battlegrounds Live
People were asked to text in their selections and Brian ended up winning, look for a feature of his car in an upcoming issue of Performance Auto And Sound
One of the best looking, and lowest, Toyota Matrix’ I’ve ever seen
The Work Schwert wheels don’t hurt the cause
This SRT4 On CCWs ended up walking away with third place static fitment
Clean look for sure
Every time Blain brings this car out I just cant resist taking multiple pictures of it
It is just always done so well…
He told me fitting these wheels was a bit of a battle but it looks like he got it sorted out
Level One classy as always, Dan replaced his yellow s2000 with a BMW and now with this NSX
Money team…
James won first place static fitment, and really looking at this it is hard to argue with that

That’s it for coverage of the 2013 Fitted Lifestyle event, sorry if I missed your car. There is always next year!


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