Event Coverage: Brimell Scion’s Super Tuner 4


On Sunday I managed to make my way over to Brimell Scion for their fourth annual “Super Tuner” event. Initially I assumed I would have to sit this event out due to the after effects of a bachelor party the previous night but to my surprise my body seemed relatively unaffected by a night of debauchery so I rolled out.

Dealership shows are always kind of hit or miss so I didn’t really know what to expect on the way to Super Tuner 4.

Being several years deep obviously worked in this shows favour because in addition to a good vehicle and spectator turnout the event had lots of food, rc drifting, a motorcycle demo, and even an FR-S pit stop challenge where people could compete to see who was the fastest at changing a spare.

Not wanting to push my luck out in the sun I didn’t stay too long but I did manage to snap a few decent shots.

Being held at a Scion dealership I might as well start with the brand. This car seemed bag territory low but I didn’t end up investigating…
Clean lady driven FR-S
FR-S rocking the ML24 lip kit. Hope to connect with Matthew Law for some site content soon
BRZWorld project car sitting on Foregestars
Tony Ho’s Civicin an off track appearance
This EKhas a bit much going on for me personally…
…but it looked pretty clean physically which is nice to see
Talked to the owner of the Type R for awhile about how they really don’t need much to look good. Glad he’s on the page would be a shame to see it ruined
It’s been at least a year since I’ve seen Brad’s bagged Civic. I think the shaved bay is a new addition
I think this car may have taken home best engine bay…
Wasn’t really happy with the photo of Tom’s audio setup I took at Megaspeed so I snapped another at Super Tuner
On the topic of audio set-ups Sam recently began giving his an overhaul as well, eventually the old bar up top will be replaced
I saw this car at the one Ertefa meet I went to this year and really liked the fitment up front…
…the rear is a hair on the aggressive side and the quarter has paid the price but with a little work I could see this working out very nicely
Keeping with my new habit of spying on cars from afar..
One of the more recent Imports to roll out of Taylor’d Customs on air
Tuckin Meisters quite nice
ESS Tuning supercharged e46
Dig the art car throwback, nice touch
Thanks to Salem of Too Fast for reppin the site sticker on his 350
This car is incredibly clean, kudos to the owner
There was a pretty significant motorcycle presence at this show. Heard a number of local clubs represented on the mic…
Speaking of motorcycle Stunters Inc came on to put on a demo
It wasn’t bad but the guy could benefit from a hype man to get the crowd into it
Nice to have something different to shoot though, not going to lie it was a little challenging
I’ve seen this Cobra roll with AMF a few times. Great looking car
E9X treated to some vinyl from Re Style It
Thanks for the love Alvin
The owner of Mazda 3 recently made the switch over to air via AirRex
Though Ryan told me he was “done” modifying his car he picked up a set of SSR wheels not too long ago
Been seeing this LS Miata quite a bit since Megaspeed, wonder if the track is the next place I’ll spot it…
This Mitata has an astonishingly low 23,500km on it and looks immaculate
Sic Ryde mobbin in his new 500e
He’s got a lot of plans for this including going quite a bit lower


  1. Dave, the scion in the first pic is my wifes cousin’s TC. He just got it back from having air put in it. So you are correct!

  2. 500E, rare car and a beast in stock form. My friend has one. It was a sleeper sedan before sleeper sedans went mainstream.

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