Theme Tuesdays: Rider Owned


I’m not exactly sure how or when it happened but BMX riders have managed to successfully infiltrate nearly every area of the car scene.

From pro level riders with awesome cars, to pro level drivers with a bikes they tinker with during the off season, the BMX/car crossover is simply impossible to ignore.

Today’s Theme Tuesday is a small sampling of the connections I’ve worked out so far and since it doesn’t include most of the people I know locally expect a part two to come along at some point.

I’ve tried to include a photo or video of all the riders mentioned beneath each of their cars.

You all obviously know that Nigel From Engineered to Slide is building this sick drift ute
But did you know he rides too?
Ryan Tuerck has become pretty via his Tuerck’d web series…
…but he’s also been known to on occasion shred a BMX

Pat Cyr also used to ride, in fact he still has a Standard Trailboss he refuses to sell… sadly I couldn’t find a pic of him on it
Rob Nolli was one of the first pro riders I ever read who was interested in cars. This is (reportedly his) Monte Carlo SS I seem to recall him having a badass ‘vette too

As some of you might remember I ran into Andrew Farris at SEMA this year. He retired from BMX to build cool cars like this

TJ Lavin was one of the forerunners of the dirtjumping game from about 2000-2005 he ended up taking a gnarly crash a few years back but pushed through and owns a bunch of cool cars including this one
TJ can also table like a son of a bitch
Heath Pinter is a well known car guy and builder in the scene as well as a trail shredder
Heath actually built this car for motocross rider Cary Heart and Pink footed the bill
Heath actually built this car for motocross rider Cary Heart and Pink footed the bill
Heath is also quite good at tables
Dominic Biro is a rider/fabricator out of Jersey who actually built a lot of the suspension components on my car and drives this TI
Most creative sticker bomb I have seen in awhile
Dom is also friends with fellow shredder and pro rider Jared Washington who drives this
Jared’s car was actually featured on Hella Flush a few years back
Jim Bauer is the creative director at Odyssey BMX and happens to own not one…
…but two amazing Porsches
Jim is also the furthest thing from scared
Jim is also the furthest thing from scared
Scotty Cranmer is living large, in addition to a few Evos he owned these
Then this…
…and now this

Lastly I’ve got to end with this. Jack Hartje jumping Matt Knapp to flat. Sure it is two people but it is also awesome

If anyone could find photos of Ralph Sininsi’s old VW’s or John Purse’s 454 SS that would be sweet!


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