Event Coverage: 2013 CSCS Season Finale – Pt. 1


Despite somewhat unseasonably cold weather Toronto Motorsports park Cayuga was packed on Sunday for the 2013 CSCS Finale. Like all the events leading up to it competition was fierce on the track with time attack records once again being broken and drifters laying it all on the line.

It’s been a few rounds since I’ve been able to attend personally so I was looking forward to getting back on the track and taking a few shots, as such the track action is up first with show and shine photos following soon after.

Time Attack

Tires took a little longer to heat up Sunday thanks to the cold weather but when they did people were certainly not holding back. While some cold weather shivers spoiled more shots than I would have liked I did manage to snap a few decent photos of some of the faster cars of the day.

Sadly I missed this car on the track but got a shot of it exiting
Cars I never expected to see at CSCS for 100 Alex
NV Auto GC bootin
If memory serves this RS Tuning GTR is incredibly loud
I thought the difference in composure between these two Subarus was interesting
Look at that squat leading into the front straight
James Houghton on his way to a very fast 1.14.3 lap time in unlimited FWD
This is easily one of my favourite cars to watch rip around the track
Sasha on his way to a 1.13.6 lap time
This car just flat out screams


In my opinion drifting for 2013 has been some of the best I’ve seen at CSCS and I want to applaud the organizational team for stepping up and making changes to help improve event and over all. With the amount of drama I’ve seen on whizzing around social media the past few days it’s a wonder they stick with it at all for the thanks they get.

Everyone crying over spilt milk really needs to take a step back and remember that drifting –from what I’m told– is supposed to be fun.

On the flip side Dead Machine did an awesome thing by giving right back to the drift community via a cash purse for the season finale. This really helped motivate most to go out and step on the loud pedal a bit harder.

Brad Carlton taking Mr. Deadmachine himself for a ride prior to the action starting


I can never seem to remember this drivers name but he is fun to watch
I was surprised the amount of smoke this AE86 generated
Anthony had a bit of a rough day but he miraculously managed to not run over his own bumper
This LS powered BMW came from the US to lay down large amounts of smoke
Yazan in his boosted Miata
Miguel exiting the final turn
The new layout makes it easier for the drivers to shower spectators in hay…
…Marin got in on a few wall taps as well
This was my first time seeing Marin’s car all one colour and I gotta say it looks pretty awesome
…wonder how long it will stay that way
Having won the last two rounds Brad Pauuw was looking to three-peat in the finale
He wound up having a pretty fierce battle with Riley Sexsmith…
…who actually managed to pass him one tandem leading to quite the reaction from the crowd
Both drivers did pretty well all season and Riley got third overall while Brad got first
Francisco Becerra wound up third on the day and fourth overall


Anthony doin’ it for the guys at Nextmod
This Ford 302 powered 240sx ended up being the perfect match for Dylan below
Dylan is a blast to watch drive and it was awesome to see him end up on the podium after a season of a car that has fought him
Dylan ended up taking the number 1 spot which was great to see as he’s had a heck of a year getting his car to work with him
Brad closing things out with a front straight burner


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