Who Says Playing With Chalk Is For Kids?


Found myself over on Street Source the other day where I came across this pretty cool Chevy Luv build.

After a long period of ignoring his Luv, builder Daniel Maxwell decided that when the truck was fit for the streets it needed to be body dropped. The problem was he decided this after already putting a decent amount of work into it.

Rather than cut up the first frame he built he sold it to a friend and started from scratch.


Returning to the drawing board after significant progress is something that isn’t all together uncommon in the minitruck community, but what did strike me as uncommon was Daniel’s method of constructing the new frame.

I’ve popped my head in a few custom frame threads and normally they start off with constructing a frame table –or at the very least some sort of jig based on the previous frame– but Daniel deemed all that unnecessary and drew on his garage floor instead.



Using squares, clamps, and the measure twice, cut once, method Daniel plugged away until he had a new frame under the truck that allowed it to lay out hard as proven below:






I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty impressed by his resourcefulness and fabrication skills.

The entire build can be found here and I really should post more Chevy Luvs…


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