WTF Friday: She Got A Donk (and A 1JZ)


The Donk community is an interesting subset of the automotive culture because they never really seem to interact with ‘the rest of us’ too often.

They do what they do –often with little regard to what anyone else thinks– while the rest of us stare in utter disbelief, or try to ignore the fact they exist.

Any time that I’ve delved into Donk territory I’m always a bit surprised at just how much work goes into some of these cars.

Sure many are just hum drum older domestic vehicles rammed with bondo, a lift kit, twenty fo’s, and an eye popping paint job, but others actually have a decent amount of work done to them. On occasion some of them even pack relatively potent power plants under the hood.

Case in point: this Box Chevy Caprice with a Toyota 1JZ under the hood.



Judging by the comments in the youtube video below this swap is sending both Chey and Toyota fans into a sacrilege screaming tizzy.

I find myself oddly OK with the car however because as far as I know 1JZ motors are not in any short supply and if this opens the doors for more Toyota powered Chevy’s (and vice versa) I’m all for it.

How about you?

If you are interested in more ‘JZ’ swaps take a look at the 2JZ in everything Theme Tuesday post from a few months ago.

Photo Credit: Rides Mazgaine


  1. I was actually up at 3am this morning looking for a 2JZ for my ’70 Impala with hydraulics………perfect timing on this post. Between this and some of the stuff I ran into at SEMA last month, Im driven to do it!!! 1JZ it might be!!!

  2. I like the idea but I would of liked it more with a ls1 swap. thumbs up for a clean swap in a different chassis

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