What’s Old Is New Again


While kicking around a few 70s ‘golden era’ blogs I came across this ’72 Camaro that employs a lot of the same styling cues popular today; wheels with lots of lip, white letters, a fender flare/pull/widebody, subtle aero, and of course the ever important appropriate stance.

A few rounds with Google revealed that this car may have also been one of a few notable vehicles that contributed to the definition of the pro touring style we see today.

This car was built by John Dicksa who actually body dropped it slightly by cutting the motor mounts in half
Under those all steel flares are 15×12 wheels
Under the hood was TRAKO built LT1 Motor

There isn’t exactly a wealth of information –or photos for that matter– kicking around about the car but there is a pretty good run-down of it on thestreetfighters.com which outlines some of the more overlooked modifications (the fact that it has a first generation cowl mated to the hood of a second gen for example), and it’s racing history.

While looking for more on the car above I also happened to come across this Camaro which is equally bad ass, I think this one might have been in a movie…


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