WTF Friday: Fire Extinguisher Not Included


While looking (unsuccessfully) for more photos of the shortened, LS4 powered, Cheverolet C10 posted on the fan page yesterday I stumbled upon this mid engine, Fiero v6 motivated, 39 Chevy built by a forum goer by the name of ‘luckyfasteddie’.



While one might think this was an idea kicking around in his sub concious for some time Eddie himself states that there isn’t really much more to this vehicle coming together other than the fact that he had a Fiero and the cab at the same time.





Making things up as he went along, most of the back half of the donor Fiero made it’s way into the truck, while the rest was largely scratch built by Eddie himself.

The sum of all it’s parts amounts to 2650lbs which is actually surprisingly close to the Fiero’s factory high side weight of 27895lbs.


While this means that this truck probably isn’t all that much faster than a stock Fiero it is a whole lot more interesting to look at and probably equal parts more interesting to drive.




Info on the truck is a little scattered but if you want to read more there are threads here on as well as a few on the H.A.M.B.

Should that not be enough for WTF for your Friday you could also take a look at this Northstar v8 powered ’56



People sure do build interesting things…

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