Event Coverage: Mini Moto Lab Grand Opening


While the Toronto Ruckus/Zuma/Met/Jazz scene has been simmering for a few years now it’s activity has mostly slipped under the noses of anyone who wasn’t explicitly looking for it.

This is mostly due to the fact that previously there were no local vendors dedicated to this niche market, and for a hobby to experience rapid positive growth it needs to become relatively easily accessible to the lay person without getting watered down.

Here to change things, and continue to steer the scene in the right direction, is Mini Moto lab. Run by Anthony, and Aidan (die hard mini moto enthusiasts in  their own right) Mini Moto Lab is the first dedicated Ruckus/Zuma/Met/Jazz shop in Canada and is dedicated strictly to bringing in only the best of parts.

After putting in  a few months of ground work building relationships with companies in Japan and abroad Aidan and Anthony officially opened the doors to their brick and morter store (a companion to their online business)  June 1st 2014.

Personally I’ve only taken a bit of a curious glance at the mini moto scene, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the grand opening, but I must admit it was really interesting to see the level of detail that goes into these builds.

Like any wheeled hobby it looks like these little bikes would take all the money out of your wallet at the drop of a hat!

Some of you may have seen these flyers getting tossed around at the Fitted Lifestyle Event
Those flyers featured Carolina and Aidan’s project Jazz/Ruckus
I am going to go ahead and say on the record that more events need tacos, or rather all events need tacos
To remember their opening forever the Mini Moto Lab team allowed people to sticker bomb and tag this table which will be lacquered and sealed
When I was a young snot nosed kid some older guys on my street had a Honda trail 80 I wanted REAL bad, upon seeing this one those feelings  came right back
Tried something a little different with this shot, normally don’t get much chance to mess with reflective lenses
Rat Fink popped by for a bit
Super clean example of step lipped RMs on an e46
A few people from across the boarder showed up with their rides
It’s actually a little wild just how much detail can go into these little bikes, this one even had Bride seating


No two bikes looked exactly a like


I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of these bikes rivaled what I have in my car
This bike looked to be Mini Moto Lab’s ‘Pièce de résistance’
Stretched tires are as important here as they are in the car world
This bike featured a  Hot Lap Exhaust which Mini Moto Lab is the exclusive North American Distributor of
If this bike peak’s your interest it is actually for sale

If mini motos are your thing I definitely recommend checking out minimotolab.com and following them on facebook. When it comes to growing the scene here in Toronto and aborad there really couldn’t be two better people to do it.


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