WTF Friday: Whiskey Tango Foxbody


Sincerest apologies for the lack of WTF Friday posts recently but this week your favorite post of the week is back with a doozy submitted by my friend Dave.

I’ve seen a couple different motors in the foxbody Mustang chassis in ‘my time’ but a biturbo Audi V6 mill is certainly a first for me.


It takes a special kind of crazy to even think of a swap like this –let alone attempt it– and it seems like the builder just so happens to be that right kind of crazy and more importantly have access to the right combination of parts.







There is a build thread over on Vortex but currently all the images are down so all I really have available are these photos that someone loaded up into an imgur gallery.

I am sure once it’s done this car will get it’s fair share of shine time on line, but if anyone has more info no please do feel free to share.

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