WTF Friday: The Tachyon Mini Cooper


While browsing The Amazo Effect a few weeks back I came across the ‘Tachyon Mini Cooper’. The what you say?

Well the Tachyon Mini Cooper is a proper generation (read: small and nimble) Mini Cooper body drapped over a tube frame chassis that houses a Porsche 944 motor crafted by Tachyon Performance .



Looking for more info on the car has thus far only lead me in circles, but judging by the photos below the car does seem to still be some sort of a work in progress rather than a one off shock and awe project.




While the 944 wasn’t exactly the most coveted Porsche in the world take it’s 217bhp motor out of it’s native home and plunk it in something much smaller you’ve got a decent recipe for a car that will throw you back in your seat and send passengers reaching for the holy shit handles.




There’s no video of this car that I can find, but if any of you have more info you certainly know where to send it.

Until then I’ll just imagine how ridiculous this car must be.

Source: Retrorides, The Amazo Effect.

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