Theme Tuesdays: Fat And Flush


A friend of mine recently showed me a photo of someone who is trying to fit 19×14″ wheels underneath the rear of a Scion FR-S. Doing so requires, over fenders, stretched rubber, and negative camber well into the double digits.

My first response to this photo was ‘why so extreme?’, and the second was that I’ve been neglecting a category that is the complete opposite of shock value fitment for far too long.

Today I breathe life back into the Fat And Flush category, and give props to those who made little to no compromises in regards to wheel fitment, tire fitment, and wheel gap. The three pillars of modern day stance.

People are often up in arms about ‘ruined’ Subarus but there are still plenty of functionally fitted ones out there
Stock body is of course no obstacle
Love how close everything is on this car
Might be the fifth or sixth time I’ve posted this car, I love it
S2000 owners are of course not going to let themselves be left out of the fitment party
The rear is a little hard to make out in this photo but judging by the front I’d say there’s a lot of tire back there
Volk CE-28n wheels look great with man sized rubber
Functional Fitment looks great with functional aero


These two e46s could almost be the same car…
I could not for a second leave this Camaro out. One of my favorite ever built.
Brian Hobaugh’s Corvette runs an astonishing 305/30/R18 all around
Love this photo of a tidy little Miata getting put to good use
Fitment up front is certainly pushing the realms of what is possible
Great looking car and great looking shot by Visual Echos
Close things out with this FC that is so awesome that I only just now noticed there’s another hiding in this photo

Got cars I should include in part 2 of this post? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This is my kind of look – those Subarus make me drool a little every time I see them. I don’t know about the Camaro though; I like it, I just can’t see myself owning it like I could all the other cars. If it had lower profile tires on larger wheels, I’d probly be all over it.

  2. what about some battle ready cars, you know street race cars that are function over form. Besides that great site

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