Theme Tuesdays: Foxbody Mustangs


Growing up I loved Foxbody Mustangs, the distinct exhaust note, the owners proclivity to do burn-outs and the fact that they were damn near everywhere made them impossible to miss.

Today, despite the fact that many have now fallen into disrepair in the ownership of society’s less desirables, I still like the chassis quite a bit and as such I’m as surprised as you are that a Fox Body specific Mustang Theme Tuesday has taken this long.

If we were to rewind the clock back to the 90s this was perhaps the Mustang style I saw the most, DECH kitted on ROH wheels at more or less stock height.
DECH (which I believe was a Toronto based company) kits still pop up occasionally today
As seen on this Fox I spotted a few years ago at Tuner Invasion
DECH kits don’t seem quite as popular any more with people opting to use little to no aero as seen on this notch
Cowls will always suit foxes though
Project Infamous from a few years ago. I think this car has since been parted out
Foxes on air are in somewhat short supply


This one did pop up a few times though, the lack of suspension droop is significant
Before we get too ahead of ourselves with modern builds  the JBA dominator needs to be mentioned, 320 small block, IRS, six speed, metal wide body and ran 173mph

The Dominator also segues nicely into wide body/flared Foxes in general
Dom’s Foxbody project which I really need to bug him for some updates on
This might be the perfect function/form Foxbody
Though some might argue this is the picture of perfection
Darius Rudis’ beautiful ’89 is also a great contender for ‘perfect’
TE37s on all the damn things
While this looks like it could be a scene from Fury Road it is really just Vaughn Gittin Jr.

I love the fact that people are sliding these on occasion
Reading suggests that stock steering angle is quite the hindrance
However like all obstacles however that seems to be surmountable
Super aggressive fitment on the rear of this car
Going to close things out with the best looking Mustang Pace Car ever
Follow this build on facebook and  Instagram
Follow this build on facebook and Instagram

Should I revist this one in the future? Add your favorites in the comments and I just might sooner rather than later.


  1. Do you think the perfect form + function stang above has rear flares? Any idea on the wheel specs? Pre 2005 mustangs had an amazing ability to swallow massive tires in the stock fender wells!

  2. Here are a few of my favorites, local of coarse.

    Yes, it is a real pace car.

    While, not local to me, Erin’s SVO is still a favorite of mine.

    While I still love the 79-93 Mustangs, I have grown fond of the other Fox Body cars. Hell, I’m on Fox Body #5!

    • Jason all of those foxes you posted (especially the Pace Car) are awesome and forgetting the Coupri is a serious face palm. There’s another Capri I really like but I couldn’t remember it. I think it was a pro street car but I forget. Memory is foggy, so many awesome cars, so little brain space.

  3. The Capri I think, is the best looking Fox Mustang there is. Can that bubble back hatch and its good to go in my book. I really wish, there were enough of them made/still around to warrant reproduction parts to either restore or make a Capri.

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