WTF Friday: Instagram Radial Engine Madness


As I’m sure many of you know by now I have a bit of a thing for radial engines popping up in road going vehicles.

It started with this Swedish Terraplane Hot Rod, and followed shortly after by the radial powered C10 I find an excuse to reference every few months.

Word of my love for radial motors has spread to instagram because this week I was tagged in not one, but two different builds featuring these unique motors.

The first is a ’39 Dodge being built by Colorado Auto & Parts.


This truck is an in-depth hot rod built around a Jacobson Radial motor that is helping influence a lot of the stylistic choices. 

The plan is to run the V shaft of the motor to an automatic transmission that will transfer the power to a quick change rear end. The chassis itself is of the custom tube variety and the interior is all sheet metal including an air craft centre console.





Needless to say I am super eager to see this build moving under its own power and you can watch the progress along with me by giving a @plymouthair_radialtruck a follow.

The second build is a bit more manageable and takes place on two wheels not four.

What you are looking at is a pre war Peugeot p50 motorcycle (moped?) powered by a scale aircraft 100cc radial motor.

Super unique, cool, and running this build can be followed via @bohare90 who if I didn’t know better I would say lives in an era several years before this one.

If you’ve got more radial builds I should be following I’d love to hear about them and feel free to drop them in the comments!


  1. this should have been a theme tuesday mainly cause putting radial engines in anything is awesome. i just think they are interting and the radial engine bike is gnarly good post

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