WTF Friday: More Questions Than Answers


There is a particularly humorous episode of Futurama that involves the Planet Express crew going under water to a city much like Atlantis. Hilarity of course ensues and a after series of particularly ridiculous events concludes with Bender picking up a lit cigar (under water remember) Hermes exclaims “and that just raises further questions!

Hermes’ repeated confused reaction and desire to grasp what is going on in that scene is exactly how I felt when I first saw this Geo Metro(?) turned into whatever it is now.

Each picture does nothing to explain the one before it and just raises further very valid questions.

So looking at the photo above I can kind of assume it is some sort of Geo, or other compact GM compact (maybe Firefly), however at this point it’s origin is the last of my questions. I would like to know however:

Where did the rest of the car go?
Why go through all that work and leave a door that looks like it could open on the passenger side?
Does the hood still open?
Does that window roll down?

Looking at the second picture it becomes apparent that the person doing the work is at least halfway capable because the panel construction doesn’t look all together terrible (though it might be wood), but…

How do you get the wheels off now?
Are the panels removable do you have to remove the entire rear end to get them off?
Is that the fuel filler near the rear windshield?
If this car ever rolled over would the occupant survive?

Also side pipes, this car has them.

Coming around to the rear no answers, just more questions…

who did all the glass (ie rear windshield) work on this car and did they know what it would become?
And what HAS it become what was the point of this entire endeavor?

While we are on the topic of things that don’t make sense I wonder what happened to this prior to it ending up in the junkyard that made the result below the best course of action?

Questions that will never be answered…

Site Updates

Took a huge shipment of orders to the post office today so anyone who ordered between last Sunday and last night should see something in their mail box really soon.

Two extremely sick dubs showed up in the inbox this week so I’ll be working on getting those features up in the next two weeks.

Finally the weather took a turn for the better which means it is about time to start sorting things out with my car.

Flashback Fridays

In addition to the aforementioned VWs I also got an email about a local TY build, which reminds me of the Syborg, which I saw at SEMA.

I hear a collector owns it now.


  1. Let’s get the easy part out of the way first: The Chrysler looks like it used to be a convertible. Probably at some point the top stopped working or rotted out, thus the logical idea of putting a truck bedcap on there to seal it up. Duh. Come on man, you’re not thinking fourth-dimensionally!

    And about the Firefly: Never mind all those questions, what happened to the rear wheels?

  2. That geo looks like a spaceship from starwars haha and the passenger door opening is so u can smuggle stuff and make the castle run in 12 parsects haha and I guess the newyorker or whatever chrysler monstrocity was missing a roof and they were just like heck yes truck cab that’ll fit hahahaha overall awsome gnarly wastes of energy and time hahaha but interesting though

  3. ITS A 3 WHEELER!!! that makes it super awesome you should just stop asking questions dude its just gonna make you even more confused hahaha just take it for what it is a geo spaceship ready to go into hyper drive and blast out of mos eisley ive waatched way to much star wars as you can see haha and apparently so have the builders of that car.

  4. The Geo is most likely a “Hyper-Miler”, a vehicle modified for the sole purpose of the best possible fuel economy. I have seen a few vehicles online modified in such a fashion. I would’t be surprised if the owner is getting 75+ mpg.

  5. superb ramblings dave,
    @slp950 so what your saying is that this is american answer to the polo blue motion?

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